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DISCLAIMER: The following stories are all non-profit, amateur efforts not intended to infringe on the rights of any of the original copyright holders. I make no claims to own any of these characters, movies, books, comics, etc. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional and should make an appointment with a good shrink, thanks for asking.

Most of the stories found here are slash fiction, which means they deal with two men having sexual and romantic relationships together. If this concept bothers you, you should not read them. Duh. Please also note the ratings on each story and respect them. Do not read these stories if you are not of legal age to do so in your area. Don't make me hurt you.

Regular ol' Fic

Epiphany: The series that got me started on the addiction of Angel fandom in the first place.

A Million Miles Away: A schmooptastic series written by me and Wolfling.

Cat and Mouse: An Angelus/Wesley fic that will get finished one of these years.

Stand Alone Fics: Stories that miraculously did not evolve into gigantic multi-part monsters that destroyed my brain and my free time. (Includes Strategy, even though that's technically a hyppogryph fic)

Here there be hyppogryphs

Usually characterized by the absolutely insane plot bunnies that inspire them, hyppogryph fics are written to be pure fic kink masturbation on my part. The label is a warning. I'm letting you know well in advance that these are not meant to have good plot, characterization, or anything else. That being said, some people liked the fics anyway so there you go.

Also to be found here are fics that I didn't think quite worked once I was done with them, but they're here for prosperity if nothing else.

Pet: What if s5 Angel had involved Angel keeping Wesley as his own personal sex slave? What if Spike joined in? What more would I really need to say to explain why this concept appealed to me?

Protocol: Extreme AU the likes of which you can't possibly be insane enough to imagine. How insane? It's an apocalyptic world where Wes is a prince trained in the arts of pleasing a husband, and Angel is the king that he ends up being married to. This thing has a kitten, people. How much more do I need to warn you?

The RPG From Hell: Scarily enough this is not more AU than Protocol, but it's still large with the AUness and the be afraid, be very afraidness.

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