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A Million Miles Away

Written by me and Wolfling. Quite possibly a fic series that should only be read while wearing fuzzy slippers and eating directly from a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

Start Again (2/24/03 - PG13 - 36KB)
What if Sleep Tight had happened a little bit differently?

Settling In (3/22/03 - PG13 - 57KB)
Angel and Wesley try to find a new home.

Baby Steps (6/17/03 - PG13 - 55KB)
Angel and Wes find they have unexpected definitions of the word 'family'.

Where the Heart Is (9/14/03 - NC17 - 90KB)
Angel realizes there's more to his new life with Wesley than he originally thought.

Once Upon a Time (12/6/03 - PG - 32KB)
Angel and Wes enjoy a semi-quiet night together.

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