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DISCLAIMER: The following stories are all non-profit, amateur efforts not intended to infringe on the rights of any of the original copyright holders. I make no claims to own any of these characters, movies, books, comics, etc. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional and should make an appointment with a good shrink, thanks for asking.

Most of the stories found here are slash fiction, which means they deal with two men having sexual and romantic relationships together. If this concept bothers you, you should not read them. Duh. Please also note the ratings on each story and respect them. Do not read these stories if you are not of legal age to do so in your area. Don't make me hurt you.


An Angel/Wesley series that diverges from the canon after "Epiphany". For those who dislike reading things before they're done, the series has been split into its major arcs. Each one of the arcs can be read in its entirety and be considered "finished".

A zine of the first arc of Epiphany was put together by the wonderful Neige who included some absolutely stunning artwork to go with it. You can find it at Green Dragon Press

Arc One:
Getting Started

Everybody Fell (3/4/01 - NC17 - 52K) Winner! (First Place, Long Story, 1st Annual Wesfic Contest, April 2001)
After Epiphany, Wesley debates having Angel in his life.

Liberty Rules (3/26/01 - PG - 25K)
Cordy and Gunn find out.

By the Way (3/18/01 - NC17 - 56K)
Angel and Wesley travel abroad to take care of things, while Wes deals with a few issues from his past.

Easter Interlude (4/1/01 - R - 23K)
Angel and crew take a moment to enjoy the holiday. (Partially inspired by the AngelSlash Easter Challenges)

Returning (5/30/01 - NC17 - 167K)
A flashback to England, when Angel was forced to tell Buffy and the Scoobies about his new relationship.

Shake Me (6/15/01 - PG - 23K)
Cordy throws a party. Angel provides fashion tips. Cordy and Gunn show Angel there's more to human relationships than he thinks. And Angel touches Wesley.

A Night (6/18/01 - NC17 - 16KB)
Angel and Wesley spend the night together. It's sometimes pleasant.

It Depends (7/20/01 - PG - 31KB)
Still recovering from his near-miss with Angel, Wesley goes back to Sunnydale for support.

Care (7/26/01 - PG - 16KB)
Angel reacts to his relationship with Wesley.

I'm So Happy That I Can't Stop Crying (8/17/01 - PG - 23KB)
Angel sings at Caritas in order to get advice about Wesley, then things get even worse.

Stopped (9/19/01 - PG - 13KB)
The gang fights a demon in the hours before Angel's day takes a turn for the worse.

Buffy (10/24/01 - PG - 79KB)
Buffy and Wesley are forced to team up when Angel and Spike are kidnapped.

Sunday Interlude (10/25/01 - NC17 - 25KB)
Angel and Wesley enjoy downtime together.

Always? (11/15/01 - R - 26KB)
Angel thinks back on falling in love with Wesley.

Family (11/19/01 - PG13 - 17KB)
A day in the life of the Angel Investigations team leads to some unexpected turns.

Bind (11/20/01 - NC17 - 20KB)
Wesley finds himself dealing with things he can't handle, and Angel doesn't know how to help him.

Together (11/21/01 - PG - 21KB)
Angel finally discovers what's wrong with Wesley.

Home (11/22/01 - NC17 - 25KB)
The holiday season arrives and Angel makes a difficult decision about Wesley.

Arc Two:
Moving In

The Next Step (12/22/01 - PG - 20KB)
Angel and Wesley both talk with others about the next step in their relationship.

Transition (1/24/02 - PG - 16KB)
Wesley gets ready to move out of his apartment and into the hotel.

Overlooked (1/28/02 - PG - 19KB)
Wesley's move into the hotel continues but his old life hasn't left him yet.

Changes (2/22/02 - PG - 21KB)
Wesley moves into the hotel while Angel is forced to relive his last Sunnydale reunion. (Xover with "Sight Seeing")

Starting Over (2/27/02 - NC17 - 27KB)
Wesley faces his first morning in a new home.

The Smallest Detail (3/14/02 - R - 20KB)
Angel adjusts to the pros and cons of living with Wesley.

Just Friends (3/23/02 - PG13 - 21KB)
Angel and Wesley have a fight.

Alienation (3/25/02 - PG - 25KB)
Work gets in the way of Wesley's ability to cope.

At A Loss (3/27/02 - PG - 15KB)
Wes finds himself lost and confused.

Unknown (3/28/02 - PG - 26KB)
Wesley finds out what happened to him, but still wonders what went wrong.

Present, Imperfect (4/1/02 - PG - 20KB)
Wesley decides that things can't stay as they are.

Recovery (4/12/02 - NC17 - 26KB)
Wesley and Angel readjust to Wes's return.

Anniversary (4/15/02 - NC17 - 31KB)
Wesley and Angel mark their one-year anniversary.

(Special! DVD Commentary on Alienation through Present, Imperfect. 139KB)

Arc Three:
Moving On

On Their Own (5/12/02 - PG - 25KB)
The Angel Investigations gang has a night out.

The Past (5/17/02 - G - 16KB)
Wes reveals a few things about himself to Angel.

Complications (6/3/02 - G - 26KB)
Cordy's got things on her mind.

Loose Ends (6/6/02 - PG - 24KB)
Angel wants to fix things.

Day and Night, Night and Day (6/14/02 - PG 30KB)
The AI gang works on cases while Wes and Angel try to figure out what's wrong with Cordy.

Lust for a Reason (6/19/02 - NC17 - 38KB)
Angel and Wesley have two very different times together.

No Answers (7/24/02 - PG - 25KB)
Wesley finds the role of leadership hard.

Questionable Things (8/20/02 - R - 23KB)
Angel realizes what's been causing Cordy's pain.

Rogue Demon Hunter (8/23/02 - NC17 - 48KB)
Wesley goes after Angel.

Drifting (9/7/02 - R - 26KB)
Wes and Angel re-evaluate things.

Arc Four:
Road Trip

I-10 to I-75 (10/5/02 - PG - 22KB)
Wes and Angel hit the road.

Leyden Creek, VA (11/12/02 - R - 54KB)
Wes and Angel work a case in Virginia

Washington, DC (11/15/02 - PG - 26KB)
Angel and Wes discuss artwork, their relationship, and other things they don't understand.

Arriving in Chicago (12/12/02 - NC17 - 32KB)
Angel and Wes's road trip hits a pit stop.

A New Direction (12/29/02 - PG - 22KB)
Angel and Wes's relationship hits a fork in the road.

One of Those Things (01/06/03 - R - 45KB)
Angel finally faces his problems.

Pressure (02/18/03 - R - 28KB)
Wesley takes care of things while Angel is in trouble.

Still (03/02/03 - NC17 - 40KB)
Angel and Wesley come to terms with what they've done.

Arc Five
You Can't Go Home Again

(In progress)

Cordelia Chase and Charlie Gunn Aren't Dead (03/15/03 - PG - 38KB)
Cordy and Gunn are left to deal with LA after Angel and Wesley decide they're not coming home.

And the Pursuit of Happiness (03/27/03 - PG - 35KB)
Angel and Wesley have to report on what they did during their little vacation.

Probation (03/31/03 - PG - 43KB)
A week after Angel and Wes's return to LA, a visitor comes to call.

The High and Low Road (6/23/03 - PG 46KB)
Angel, Wes and Faith all have things they need to cope with.

Take Two (9/16/03 - PG13 - 37KB)
Angel realizes he's not quite ready yet.

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