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Angel / Pet


WARNING! The following is yet another Strategy-style fic wherein TBQ abandons all pretense of slavish devotion to anything resembling strong narrative, plausibility or even a starting-off point that's within a thousand steps from canon, let alone two, for the sake of completely and utterly indulging her kinks like the addict that she is. Let it be known that this is all JustHuman's fault. Also that of society.

Should worlds in which Spike and Angel have kinky sex while Wesley spontaneously watches happen to be your thing, by all means proceed. If not, no worries as there's plenty of other fic around here to choose from. It's all good.

Spoilers, such as they are, up to Just Rewards. After that who are we kidding?

The snippet that inspired Pet (8KB)
Instinct would have certainly disapproved of this, had it strength enough to even attempt the argument.

Chapter One (21 KB)
The truth was he was out of sorts. Being faced with a very personalized answer to the ultimate question of "What's all this, then?" was leaving him with a bad taste in his mouth.

Chapter Two (30 KB)
"Huh. Seem to be short one mortal in the morning."

Chapter Three (34 KB)
But if Angel truly was going to point-blank insist that this entire affair was going to remain firmly ensconced in the land of pornography - well, that was an aggravation that Wesley was prepared to put up with.

Chapter Four (27 KB)
"I wanna live in a world where I can't accidentally blow up the city if I screw up the way I work my coffee maker."

Chapter Five (22 KB)
And then there was the horse.

Chapter Six (24 KB)
"There's an upstairs?"

Chapter Seven (20 KB)
You never told Da what he was going to do. Not even Angel at his sappiest put up with that crap.

Chapter Eight (30 KB)
"I, on the other hand, appreciate the change of pace after a day of dealing with all the minor yet persistent office problems Angel wasn't here to handle, a missed lunch, Fred being far too earnest in her attempt to reassure me that things are fine between us in spite of quote, You know, the gay thing, unquote, Lorne telling me I owed him ten dollars and Gunn's attempts at bonding in this bold, new era. Also I could have done without half the secretaries muttering 'lucky bastard' when they thought I was out of their range of hearing."

Chapter Nine (22 KB)
When Spike woke up, he decided he felt like giving Wesley a blowjob.

Chapter Ten (30 KB)
"In spite of all evidence to the contrary, the fact that he's in love with you doesn't mean that he's stupid."

Chapter Eleven (17 KB)
"Your job is to belong to me. If, as a hobby, you'd like to lend me a hand, then that could be allowed if I said so."

Chapter Twelve (20 KB)
He'd lost count of how many times Angel had gotten him this close to the edge during the course of the afternoon, only to send him falling right back.

Chapter Thirteen (23 KB)
Spike thought to himself that there weren't many people who could make something like that sound like a compliment. Actually he wasn't entirely certain if Wes was one of them.

Chapter Fourteen (22 KB)
"He said, and I quote, 'Da's going to call you. Try to act surprised or something. I'll be outside if you need me', unquote."

Chapter Fifteen (25 KB)
Spike wished he was a praying man. He'd shake God down for some patience, if he believed in it. Or God for that matter.

Chapter Sixteen (35 KB)
The point at which one bloke tells another that he likes his smile is the point at which you pack it in and give up any and all hope of people taking you seriously.

Chapter Seventeen (27 KB)
"Kiss your father with that mouth?"

Chapter Eighteen (29 KB)
If there was one thing more horrifying than allowing his mind to skirt around the contrast that his current position held with the life he once had it was the thought that he was doing it incorrectly.

Chapter Nineteen (33 KB)
"Because later today or even tomorrow your head's going to clear, you're going to feel more like yourself, and you're going to wish you could turn back the clock and make the words you're about to speak never happen."

Chapter Twenty (23 KB)
"You have *got* to admit your memory is a little freaky."

Chapter Twenty-One (32 KB)
"Unless you went to Hell. Then it's entirely possible you'll be stuck in meetings for all eternity."
"Which would be different from right now how, exactly?"

Chapter Twenty-Two (24 KB)
"I'm from England and I am a language expert. If you ever believed for one moment I didn't realize your accent wasn't wholly authentic I think we can all agree that you are truly the product of a Cambridge education."

Chapter Twenty-Three (28 KB)
Angel took this in, wondering if he wanted to laugh or hit Spike over the head. Then he wondered why he couldn't do both.

Chapter Twenty-Four (24 KB)
"I'd like to be dead, please."

Chapter Twenty Five (22 KB)
"And life's a horrible thing, if you don't have love of something."

Chapter Twenty-Six (22 KB)
"So let's set fire to the lot. It's easy. I've done it before. All you need is some gas and a match."

Chapter Twenty-Seven (31 KB)
"You're not letting Angel do this because he cares. You're letting him do it because he's finally paying attention to you."

Chapter Twenty-Eight (31 KB)
"It's the old joke, innit? Sadist says no because the masochist wants yes. He'll take his time until you're mad for it. It's what he does. It's what he *always* does."

Chapter Twenty-Nine (23 KB)
He stared up at the ceiling, pondering his usual inventory when it came to dealing with Angel's stoicism. Pointed comments? Nah. Annoying chatter? Possibly. Holding the entire conversation on his own while making sure to make his voice extra fruity for the parts when he was imitating Angel's bit? Maybe after coffee. And blood. And breakfast. Christ he was hungry.

Chapter Thirty (20 KB)
"As clarification, these are diamond."
"As clarification, I don't give a shit."

Chapter Thirty-One (40 KB)
There was something happening there, some quiet and powerful thing passing between them, and in one of the rare moments of Wesley's life he found he had no words at all.

Charity Fic One (20 KB)
"It's Angel. Anything that doesn't involve a spanner to his forehead is finesse."

Charity Fic Two (25 KB)
The invitation, for all that it had a bit of sass in it, was still said in that soft, inviting tone that somehow only Wes's voice managed to pull off. It was the one that made it clear Wes would drop everything to take care of Angel's needs. That Wes *had* dropped everything to take care of Angel's needs

Charity Fic Three (18 KB)
In his own inadvertent yet provable way, Angel was apparently the gateway drug to Spike

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