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The name "RPG from Hell" is NOT hyperbole for the sake of humor. The following entries contain het, slash, polyamory, BDSM, consentual torture, schmoop, fluff, a scene in which Angel gets a shirt that reads "World's Greatest Dad", and pairings from BtVS and AtS that have proven to make people run screaming, curl up under the bed and beg for forgiveness of their sins.

Do NOT read any of this if you are looking for continuity from the shows, proper spelling, a coherent timeline or anything logical. It was created in a combination of email, IRC and phone conversations, which means that there are going to be many gaps in the storyline. Also be aware that the RPG from Hell requires you to stretch your suspension of disbelief so far that many have been known to suffer from a hernia. Consult your doctor before starting the RPG from Hell. God knows we wish we had.

The following was written by The Brat Queen, Meredith and a few others who have asked to be kept anonymous for reasons that will probably be very obvious to anyone who bothers reading this. So if you're looking for someone to blame - try those two. They wrote most of it anyway, in lieu of actually having something called "a life". Mer took most of the cast of Sunnydale, TBQ took over Los Angeles.

The Explanation
What is the RPG from Hell? How did it get started? What on earth were we thinking?

The Alternate Ending to It Depends
What started it all. Instead of going home on his bike, Wes stays just a tiny bit longer.

The 800 Page Club

The first few months of the RPG from Hell took place in email. TBQ, clearly either on drugs or desperately in need of some, saved the emails into a single file which is over 800 pages long. She then saw that it was 800 pages long, said "Fuck that." and just saved the emails into her regular mail folders where they reside to this day. However, some people expressed interest in reading those early emails, so here they are. They are in text format to make it easier to read. The emails are between Spike, Angel and Wesley, which gives you the first test of your suspension of disbelief - who the Hell thinks Angel can to do email??

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight

What came after the 800 pages

After the 800 pages came - well more email but TBQ is so not threading any of that - plus some random IRC sessions. We don't promise they will make any sense, we do promise that they are in painfully unbetaed format, but if you made it through all those emails you might still enjoy.

Spike's visit to LA
Angel's response to said visit

Wesley and Willow exchange some emails
Wes's reaction to said emails

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