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Stand Alones

A Bad Day (3/23/02 - G - 8KB)
Wes has a bad day.

Wesley Gets (4/9/02 - G - 14KB)
Wesley gets a few things that make life worthwhile.

Retry (4/18/02 - G - 11KB)
Five years in the future, Wesley and Angel meet up again.

Comfort (5/31/02 - NC17 - 14KB)
Wesley's had a rough day, Angel takes him in hand.

Why (5/31/02 - NC17 - 8KB)
Wesley's reasons for being with Lilah are his own.

The Infernal Comedy (6/12/02 - PG - 10KB)
Wes thinks of Lilah, and of their future.

Everybody Laughed But You (10/1/02 - G - 17KB)
Angel/Wes ponder their relationship in a new take on the idea of songfic.

Deck the Halls (12/25/02 - G - 7KB)
A short story that was sent out to people on my Christmas (and assorted winter holidays) card list.

Everybody Got Their Something (12/25/02 - R - 19KB)
A Cordelia/Lilah story written for JennyO in honor of Secret Slasha 2002.

Lies (4/17/03 - PG - 14KB)
Utopia isn't the only thing that's not true.

Wesley, Angel and... ahem (6/4/03 - G - 9KB)
A post s4 Angel, s7 Buffy drabble posted to my LJ, in which I ponder another kind of W/A pairing.

A Moment (6/10/03 - PG - 9KB)
Another LJ drabble, post s4 Angel, Angel realizes something important.

Hot Priestly Action (6/16/03 - R - 7KB)
Angel, Wes in a priest's outfit - what more need be said?

It Could Happen (7/22/03 - NC17 - 12KB)
Faith/Giles, s7 Buffy, written for a flashficathon.

The Vampire... (7/28/03 - G - 5KB)
For the Sunday100 Xover challenge.

Sun Rising (8/3/03 - R - 41KB)
Faith/Wesley, written for the Book of Days challenge.

Strategy (9/8/03 - NC17 - 271KB)
A dark s4 AU where Jasmine's not defeated so easily, Wesley makes some heavy sacrifices, and yours truly indulges a great deal of her own fic kinks. An unbetaed fic originally posted in parts to my LJ. (New! Added 1/24/04 - Strategy, with DVD style commentary - 376KB)

Vegas Odds (Added 2/17/04 but written in 2/02 - PG13 - 26KB)
Angel and Wes put their cards on the table.

Trust Me (4/9/04 - R - 266KB)
Angel, Wes, and a story title which is very, very meta.

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