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DISCLAIMER: The following stories are all non-profit, amateur efforts not intended to infringe on the rights of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, David Geffen, Warner Brothers, Geffen Pictures, Knopf, Randomhouse, the city of New Orleans, the U.S. Constitution, any copyright holders that I might not have thought of or even a certain author who shall remain nameless but who has a set of initials which are, coincidentally enough, just one letter off from spelling "B.S."

Written in response to Lady Black Death's award-winning Jester of God, Chosen is Lestat's letters to Armand, writing about his own similar life experiences and things he actively avoided trying to put into the books. Starting with Part 2 you may wish to be forewarned that the story will contan things that, like Jester are a bit disturbing and may also be triggering to some. (If you know what "triggering" means then you'll know what to be warned about, if not then don't worry about it except to know that it's similar to Jester)

Winner: Best Lestat '98-'99! (Posts One-Twelve)
Winner: Best Primary Character 2000 (Posts Thirteen-Sixteen)
Second Place: Best Ongoing 2000 (Posts Thirteen-Sixteen)

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Part Two
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