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DISCLAIMER: The following stories are all non-profit, amateur efforts not intended to infringe on the rights of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, David Geffen, Warner Brothers, Geffen Pictures, Knopf, Randomhouse, the city of New Orleans, the U.S. Constitution, any copyright holders that I might not have thought of or even a certain author who shall remain nameless but who has a set of initials which are, coincidentally enough, just one letter off from spelling "B.S."

Msc. Stories


Domestic life isn't all it's cracked up to be.


Mojo Winner - Best Slice of Life and Best Short Fic! (2000)

All Hallow's Eve Winner - Best Minor Character and Best Romance! Second Place - Best Challenge! (2000)
Nicki and Lestat spend Halloween together.

I Must Understand
A tweener story for Lady Black Death's Elements/Revelations series in which Lestat comes to terms with his new role in the universe.

With Time: Louis Winner - Best Short Fic! (2000)
Louis makes a final decision.

With Time: Lestat
An important event draws the vampires together in the distant future and Brad observes what has become of Lestat. Related to Dagger of the Mind but not part of Dagger cannon

Queen of the Damned Spec Challenge Second Place - Best Satire! (2000)
A pathos-filled satire of what Hollywood's version of QotD might be like.

In Another Time
Lestat ponders his options.

Written for the "It's not as funny as you think" story challenge - Louis thinks about what it would have been like if he were another gender.


A Thousand Years
Louis and Lestat face New Year's Eve, 1999

A Portrait of Louis Second Place - Best Louis! ('98-'99)
Lestat waxes poetic about his beloved companion.

Michael Second Place - Best Short Spec! ('98-'99)
A mortal man prepares for a meeting with Lestat

The Old Woman In the Village Second Place - Best Minor Character! ('98-'99)
A glimpse into the life of a character mentioned only in passing in TVL

The Conversation Begins
An answer to the question "What happened the morning after Lestat met Nicki for the first time?"

Picture Spec: History Winner - Best Challenge! ('98-'99)
A story challenge spec involving Santino and Eric in an art gallery.

Lelio Rising Once More Winner - Best Romance! ('98-'99)
Lestat starts his life over one more time.

Louis and Lestat face Christmas around the time of TotBT.

Simplicity Winner - Best Louis/Lestat! ('97-'98)
Lestat answers the question of why he loves Louis.

Song of Darkness

A spec series which demanded that I start writing it but unfortunately proved very difficult for me to ever finish. If you want a basic explanation of it I think I'd have to confess that my imagination's eyes were bigger than it's stomach could handle. But who knows? Maybe I'll get back to it someday. In the meanwhile, Touched in Darkness does stand on its own if you're interested in post-MtD, pre-TVA angst. The rest can be read for sheer curiosity if nothing else.

Touched In Darkness

Book One: Star Bright
Chapter One
Chapter Two

Unrelated Stories

These are stories which don't have any real connection to specs but are still close enough that I wanted to include them.

Graveyard a story I wrote in sort of an VC style for my Myth of the Vampire class in college note - the copyright on this one is all mine, thank you.

Cinderella Contest Winner this was my entry into the CbAR contest which allowed me to win a trip down to New Orleans for an overnight stay in St. E's, thus allowing me to get some very cool pictures. Again, copyright is all mine.

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