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Sometimes it's fun to have pictures to go along with your words. With that in mind, I give you this section which is filled with pictures that should spark your imagination - be it towards fanfic or anything else. All pictures here are posted with permission. Please respect the copyrights of the original artists by not swiping these for your own site without asking the artists for permission first. I don't want to have to send a guy named Vinny over to your place with a tire iron and a bad attitude, ok? Ok.

TBQ's Mood Icons: A set of LJ icons focused on Angel and Wesley.

Neige: collage artist extraordinaire. Her page includes work done for Epiphany, Strategy, Cat & Mouse, RPGFH, and Protocol.

Mad Poetess: whose mad manip skills are applied to Cagey Goodness and Protocol.

Julia Simpson: who created a beautiful cover for Strategy

Kirkes Island: who created an absolutely gorgeous cover for Trust Me

Minitrog: who made a yummy picture for Pet.

RobinTCJ: who created a collage for Strategy

Sluggirl: who made a banner for me and for Protocol

Tara Roseblade: who created a behind the scenes DVD extra for Strategy

Cesare: a great artist who was kind enough to draw pictures of dead people in my honor.

Dany&Dany: two amazing self-taught artists who specialize in vampiric manga.

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