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Warning: The following pages contain fanfic, graphic depictions of gay sex, the occasional depiction of straight sex, long stories, short stories, stories inspired by ideas so insane that they required special warnings all their own, things that aren't stories at all but are actually long rants and diatribes, and a lot of other things that didn't fit into what's already too long to be pithy warning. They should be read only by those who are old enough and mature enough to do so. Otherwise... well, can't say I didn't warn you.

Fanfic: Angel, Buffy, Harry Potter, Fight Club, Batman, Star Wars and more. Some fandoms (coughAngelcough) are more active than others, but if you ever wanted a fanfic story of mine then here's where you're going to find it

Meta: Essays, rants, episode comments, lessons, lists, and darn near any other form of me shooting my mouth off in a non-fiction kind of manner.

Graphics: Sometimes people make me pretty pictures. Sometimes I make ugly pictures that people are too kind to tell me aren't pretty. Both kinds can be found here.

Links: People I like, websites that are useful, and various ways for you to get the heck out of here if you didn't find what you wanted within these not so humble pages.

This site is updated on the "roundtuit" schedule. (i.e. When I get a....) If you want to see stuff from me as it happens then what you want is my Live Journal which is updated at a rate that is probably nowhere near something that allows me to claim that I possess what is commonly referred to as a life. Fic posted there can always be found in the memories section even if it can't be found here (yet).

Site last updated on April 15, 2006. Uploaded the RPGFH in the Fanfic/Angel section. Also added link to my craft blog in the links section.

This page and all of the pages inside are best viewed on my computer while sitting at my desk and using my settings. What it does for your computer I make no claims to. Page design thanks to RobinTCJ, page banner based on a graphic by Kara and modified by RobinTCJ.

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