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Me, in other forms

My LiveJournal which is updated far more frequently than this website. Anything you ever need to know about what's going on in the state of me is going to be over there.

My JournalFen account, which is rarely if ever updated, but I do check in on it frequently. So if you post over there and want to friend me, that's where I am.

AtS: No Limits Being a slash-friendly virtual season of Angel that takes place after s5. Yours truly is showrunner and head writer.

CrafTBQ: Being my blog for all things knitting, crochet, and otherwise crafty.

People who are not me

Bad Evil Things
The home of Meredith and Keren, they write Buffy/Spike, they are my BFFs, they fight crime rock in stereo.

The Diamnd Edge and Tangled Threads
Mer's other website, where you can find the fic she's written on her own. Including some of that icky slash stuff you might have heard about.

Pointy Stakes is where Mad Poetess puts some of her insanity. She writes, she vids, she bitches, she has yet to kill me for my near-constant requests for icons. These are all good things.

Lost in a Story is where you can find Airawyn, who is a most spiffy writer even if for some god-unknown reason she doesn't think so.

Some Distant Galaxy, home of Bonibaru aka my mama duck. She took me under her wing to teach me vidding and graciously did not disown me when I never followed up on it.

Pretty Muses home of Byrne, one of my many cyber wives. She writes, she publishes, she enables my knitting, she enables my publishing insanities. There's quite a lot I couldn't do without her.

Misted Moon Productions, the lair of Steph, the very first of my cyber wives. I still crack up reading the stuff we wrote together.

The Flambeau Factory, the home of Torch, who I think manages to be both a wife by proxy and a grandchild of mine... or something. The abar family tree is not something to be trifled with. Her fic's pretty kick ass too.

Flaming Muse, whom I love for so many reasons, not the least of which is her mad head beta skillz over at No Limits and the fact that she bought me chicken and thyme flavored crisps when she went to the UK.

Gila's Cave, where you can find the fannish moose who writes, crafts, and has a very generous soul.

Adds Mystery, home of WesleysGirl. She writes, she vids, she tempts me to molest her on many occasions.

Jane Davitt, who writes most marvey fics that are all hot and involve history and spanking - sometimes even both.

Ficbitch, home of Kita, who was either a sister of mine or a girlfriend of mine in another life (or both), and her many fab websites.

Le Refuge, home of Neige, who makes the most fabulous artwork you'll ever see.

Obsessed much? The brainchild of Lar, who is too kind by half and who writes a sssssssssmokin' Lindsey.

Chez Moi, the website of Versailles Rose who I've known since my very first fandom... and who has yet to blackmail me for that in any way.

Wolfling's Lair, co-author, vid producer, enabler of queen of schmoop.

Just Human's Place, yet another of my cyber-wives (sensing a theme here?) JH's mad engineering skillz help enable such addictions as No Limits and my love of Tutor architecture. She also writes'n stuff.

Strange Places
This is the site of Arii - listmum for the Lucharbar family and organizer of much family weirdness. If you ever wanted an explanation of the family's past, present or other fandom obsessions this is the place to go.

People who are seriously not me

Jamie Oliver, my first chef boyfriend

Alton Brown, my second chef boyfriend

Dave Barry, who should so be president

Neil Gaiman, who manages to be funny, cool, informative, and uber-nice to his fans all in one go.

Wil Wheaton, who's one of the most kickass bloggers around.

Moby, who has great comments about life on tour, politics, and geeky stuff like Simpsons quotes.

Worthwhile Causes

Southern Plains Land Trust
An organization which buys up land so that wildlife can live on it and maintain the natural food chain.

Water For People
This is one of the finest organizations I know of. Give them a few hundred bucks and they'll make sure a third world city can have clean drinking water. It's just that simple.

Heifer International
An organization that attempts to end world hunger by providing sustainable food resources. Like WFP a small donation can go very far.

Grameen Foundation
This organization works to end poverty by providing microloans to the poor, mostly women, so they can start self-sustaining businesses to get out of poverty.

The Twilight Wish Foundation
Like "Make a Wish" but for seniors. Though it does do large wishes like "watch Oprah tape her show", they also do small things like pay for seniors to eat out at a diner, or buy stuffed animals to keep seniors company while they're in a nursing home or hospital. You'd be amazed at how far a small act of kindness can help.

American Civil Liberties Union
Like President Andrew Shepherd says: America isn't easy. America is advanced citizenship. You've gotta want it bad, 'cause it's gonna put up a fight. It's gonna say, "You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who's standing center-stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.

Parents, Friends, and Families of Lesbians and Gays. A far better gay rights oganization than some (coughGLAADcough) we could mention.

The Blue Ribbon Campaign
Help support the rights of free speech on the Net.

Conversio Virium
I'm admittedly ambivilant about my alma mater, however the fact that CV - a student-run, BDSM discussion group - is still in official ranks is a job well done on many parts.

Quick Donations
This site is great. It has a complete list of every "click to donate" charity site out there and puts them into an easy frames format so that you can do your charity work quickly and easily. It's so good that I've decided to stop trying to make a list of all the "click charity" sites out there and instead am just going to encourage you to head over their way. Thanks to MS for pointing this out to me.

"Must-See" Sites

Croatoan Fanfic
Want to find fanfic written by a certain New Orleanian author who isn't named Poppy Z. Brite? Well you can't. Check out this page to find out why.

Urban Legends Reference Pages
Brought to you by the San Fernando Valley Folklore society, this is one page I strongly recommend that everyone bookmark and read religiously. Never forward a piece of email until you've double checked its validity here.

Reflection's Edge
An ezine geared towards providing a place for genre fic as well as providing helpful information for aspiring pro writers. Someone you know very well might have a few pieces to be found there. (coughHINTcough)

Torquere Press
A publisher that specializes in gay erotica. Again, someone you know very well might have some stories to be found there. (coughHINTcough)

A free online knitting magazine, complete with patterns that range from the surreal to the fashionable. Some are cool, some might not be to your skill level or taste, but you can't beat the price.

Do you enjoy Star Wars? Fondly remember watching the Transformers? All this and even more GenX pasttimes can be found here, recapped in a truly hysterical and snarky tone. The site takes a while to download but is worth it, especially for any article written by Matt.

Banners and Graphic Links

Order of the Stick

Join the Slash Page database project!

Slashing the Angel

Buffy Fan Fiction Archive

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