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All locations worthy of note are outlined or numbered in red. Explanations of the locations are found below the map.

  1. St. Elizabeth's, on Napolean. It sits on the corner of Napolean and Prytania.
  2. The Amelia Street Mayfair house.
  3. The Dixie Gates
  4. City Park

The Garden District and French Quarter are self-explanitory. Audobon Park is mentioned in some of the books so it's worthy to note (for what it's worth, the park sits between Magazine street and St. Charles whereas the Zoo sits between Magazine and the river). Notice, too, the location of St. Charles Avenue That is where the streetcar runs. Metairie is where Marius took a house at the end of The Vampire Armand. It's worth noting how far away Metairie is from New Orleans proper. Bear this in mind when you're writing about Lestat waking up in St. E's and deciding to take a quick jaunt over there.

Other things worthy of noting are the locations of the river and the lake in relation to one another. This will help you if you ever read directions in New Orleans that say "riverside" or "lakeside". Finally I noted the general direction of the airport just to help everyone get a picture in their minds of where it would be.

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