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Note: These are listed from newest to oldest.

Bad Web Design

Full Recap of Q o t D the movie (SPOILERS!!)

A Rant About Buffy Fanfic
Another Rant About Buffy Fanfic

Essay on September 11, 2001

MST/Review of Blood & Gold

MST/Review of MerriQue Chapter 2
As it appeared in Outland.

MST/Review of Density of Sou!s
The complete M/R'ed Prologue, not just my half of it.

Why my religion drives me nuts

How to participate in a discussion

GLAAD: the savage hypocrisy

Harry Potter is Not the Spawn of Satan

Why I took my stories off of fanfiction.net

Why do people write fanfic?

To Crit or Not to Crit?

Columbine, the Modest Proposal

Columbine Rant #2 - Let's Face Facts, Shall We?

My Web Page - My Design

Why Internet Manners Changed

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