Back from the doc

Calling in sick to work, much though it kicked off a good ol’ fashioned shame spiral, did free me up to go to the doctor today.

My doc, who is awesome, was very sympathetic to everything I was going through. She said my blood pressure wasn’t currently at a place where she’d worry, but given that it was high for me we’re going to keep an eye on it. Also given that the BP dropped as soon as I stopped taking my birth control pills, she felt it was wise to stay off them for now and see what happens.

She pulled blood to check my thyroid, just to make sure that’s doing ok. She also increased my psych meds by 25% to see if that will help me through the current wash of emotional fun and games. I’ll go back in three weeks to see how everything’s going.

So that’s the latest on that end. I’ll start taking my extra dose of meds in the evening, just in case it makes me sleepy/zombie-like. Hopefully between that and the weekend I’ll have something resembling a brain when I go to work on Monday.

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So here’s the latest on the health front

As those of you who, for some reason, obsessively memorize every detail of my life will recall, I take birth control pills to help deal with my health stuff. This makes my cycle regular, it makes it less physically painful/exhausting to deal with, and lets me know where I’m going to be mentally from week to week.

Last Monday I went to see my gyn for my annual checkup. There it was discovered that I have high blood pressure.

Now for context you need to understand that my normal blood pressure reading is that of a corpse. 120/80 would be on the high side in and of itself, compared to my baseline. I was giving a reading beyond that.

Also for context it helps that I see my various doctors regularly, so it immediately stood out that this was new and not the norm.

To my doc’s credit (and sad that this has to be a credit and not the norm) he pegged it as being a potential problem with my pills instead of “OMG LOSE WEIGHT YOU FAT THING.”

We checked my BP again before I left and it was still high. I was given instructions to check it sometime in the next week to find out if it was a one off. Turns out it wasn’t, so I was told to stop taking my birth control and coordinate this blood pressure thing with my regular doctor.

I was at the end of my pills anyway, so at least I didn’t have to stop mid-cycle. My very first day of no pills showed a significant BP drop out of the danger zone which I’m hoping is a good sign. Subsequent daily checks have gone up and down between okay and possibly not-okay, but again not as high as before.

I still need to coordinate with my regular doctor but there’s too much personal stuff going on for me to have the time to do that. (My brother is moving out of the country this Saturday so that’s taking priority on my spoons and time). So in the meanwhile I’m trying to muddle through as best I can.

The muddling isn’t as easy as all that. I don’t know how much is the symptoms of hypertension, how much is coming off of birth control, and how much is my brother moving to another country for possibly ever. But there’s headaches, concentration issues, lightheadedness, and crying. All of which is reminding me of the bad old days which naturally is triggering in and of itself which leads to more feeling horrible and crying and lack of sleep which doesn’t help with headaches and concentration issues and so on and so forth.

Aaaaaaaand I have no conclusion. Basically that’s the state of the me right now.


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Care to cheerlead for one another?

It’s a sign of how well I’m improving that I’m doing things that actually involve, well, doing things. I wouldn’t say that I’m actually well by any means (my current desire to take an hours-long nap gives lie to that) but the sheer fact of being able to consider doing things is fairly huge. When I’m totally wiped I can’t even contemplate new stuff.

Bringing this to something resembling a point, I’ve started (as in what time is it now started) trying Mindbloom. Lifehacker recommended it as a way to set goals and keep some balance in your life.

There’s a bit of a learning curve but basically the site is free (there’s pay features if you want ‘em but they’re not required). You create an account then select areas of your life you’d like to work on, like health, creativity, career, etc. Then you make some goals for yourself to help enhance those areas of your life and you add in things to inspire you to do them. There’s also a free iPod app that can be set to remind you to do these things during the day.

You can set your own actions/inspirations, pull them from the libraries of already uploaded things, or do combinations of both.The whole thing then becomes like a game where doing your actions and taking in your inspirations gives you points and you can level up and there’s a little symbolic tree that grows with what you do.

I like the concept of this because I’ve used a similar goal setting program in the past and liked it, and this one includes the psychological encouragements that have been shown to help increase success in these things.

One aspect of it is that you can connect with friends who are also doing it and provide encouragement to each other. Then you get to see how each other’s trees are doing and, I dunno, make a forest or something.

Anyway, as I say I’m only just starting it but it seems good so far. Figured no harm in asking if anybody else would like to try it and make an encouraging forest with me. :)

Let me know and I’ll find out how we would connect. I think one way is to search for a name, so I’m down there as TeaBQ if you want to find me. All are welcome! =)

If you need more info before deciding, you can check out the Mindbloom overview.

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Yoga Pants Girl LJ Feed

By request, I’ve set up a RSS feed for Yoga Pants Girl over on LJ for those who’d like to follow it there.

You may find said feed here:

Ta da!

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Not sure if ironic or just annoying

On Monday night I was starting to feel off in an overwhelmed/anxious/totally mental sort of way.  When I woke up Tuesday morning my entire being said “Yeah, no.” and thus I called in sick to work.

(Or more accurately I emailed in sick to work, which I LOVE because it involves zero amount of talking.)

Now I don’t say that I’m taking a mental health day even though I am in the truest sense of those words. I say I have a migraine. As I’ve mentioned before, migraines are a useful cover story because I do get them, and you get to give essentially the same story about them after the fact (“Yeah, I just could not get out of bed, my brain was not letting me.”)

Turns out that not long after I actually did come down with a bad headache. Yay?

I suppose it’s possible that the mental stuff was a precursor to the migraine. Or that the mental stuff was triggered by the same things the migraine was (quick! guess which week I’m currently in!). Either way it went from simply wanting to be in peace and quiet for the sake of trying to calm my nerves to wanting peace and quiet because OMG LIGHT HURTS MAKE IT STOP.

I was hoping to go back to work today but again when I woke up my brain was just not having it – this time primarily because of the headache. So one more sick day was taken. It helps that I have the sick days to use and counter resets at the start of July.

Most of the morning was spent in bed. I have since gotten up and been able to do things like have some breakfast and read things online without praying for the sweet release of death. Fingers crossed that these are all good signs.

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Yoga Pants Girl has a new home!

After thought and hearing various bits of feedback (thanks to those who offered various bits of feedback) I decided to give Yoga Pants Girl her own Tumblr.

Of the many reasons, the one that pushed me over the edge was that I felt like the cartoons were causing mission creep here at the blog. I want this to be more about, well, me. YPG is obviously based on me, but not enough that she gets center stage over here.

So please! Go forth! Follow on Tumblr! Subscribe to the RSS feed! Or totally ignore it if you never liked the comics in the first place!

I’m still getting the layout and whatnot set up, but you can find her over at

All future YPG updates will go over there. I may link to them from here, but the postings go there.

Thanks everybody for the support!

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Yoga Pants Girl #9

He did the pat on the arm too and everything. Jackass.

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Yoga Pants Girl #8

You can hear them screaming too, right?March can be hard on plants.

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Yoga Pants Girl #7

Sometimes Bad Brain can be ignored.

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Poll: Should YPG have its own Tumblr?

Genuine question on my part that I’d love some feedback on. In part because I’m trying to anticipate what would be better for y’all and it occurs to me that actually asking y’all what you’d like could be a thing.

I know, crazy right?

Anyhoo -

I’m pondering giving Yoga Pants Girl its own Tumblr. Reasons for include making the posts both easier to find and easier to avoid. (I would still link to them from here). Tumblr also makes things easier to share, for thems who might wish to do such things.

Reasons against would include me not knowing how long I’ll be doing it. This could be years, this could be done in two weeks. Who knows? So it might be silly to start a whole place for something that could be over by the time I’m done designing the Tumblr theme.

On the other hand there’s always the possibility that if I give it its own space I’ll be even more inclined to continue it because now it’s got an identity separate from this blog.

Of course it’s not like Tumblr costs anything so if I didn’t do much with it I would’ve wasted nothing but time.

Which then brings me back to the concept of the audience. So – thoughts? Anybody have a preference? Input? Pie?

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