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Disclaimer: The following is a non-profit, amateur effort not intended to infringe of the rights of Joss Whedon, the WB, Mutant Enemy or any other copyright holders of Angel.

Lust for a Reason
by The Brat Queen

Spoilers: Up to Epiphany, after which Joss and I go separate ways.

Rated: NC-17

Summary: Angel and Wesley have two very different times together.

Thanks to: Mer for invaluable suggestions and to Cin and Wolfling for the beta read.



"But it's boring," Cordy said. "And poker is such a guy thing. Can't we try it? Just once?" She batted her eyelashes at Angel. Angel threw the questioning look over to Wesley, glad that it wasn't his call.

"Are you certain this is the right environment for you, given how you feel?" Wesley asked. "Consider the noise, the lights - "

"Yes," Cordy said. "The noise! The lights! The music! It'll be fun!"

"Lotta white folks dancing," Gunn said, thinking about it. "Be funny, yeah."

"I don't dance," Angel pointed out.

"So stand in a corner and drink beer," Cordy said. "You can do that, right?"

Wes gave him a familiar look. "You're not that bad a dancer, under the correct circumstances."

"So we're going?" Cordy said. "I can put on my dancing shoes?"

"Cordelia, your health," Wesley protested.

"Health, schmealth," Cordy replied. "I've fought demons, been covered in goo, gone through hours of cheerleading practice with major cramps and still managed to show up at the Bronze looking like the hottest thing out there. Believe me, I can handle an LA nightclub with a headache."

"All right then," Wesley said. "If you're certain." He looked at Angel and Gunn. "And there are no objections?"

Angel shrugged. "Fine by me."

"Been meaning to check out The Red Room anyway," Gunn said. "Might as well do it with y'all."

"Great!" Cordy said. "Nine o'clock on Friday then? Gunn, you can pick me up at my place."

Gunn feigned delight. "Oh, can I?"

"It's on your way, you can cope," Cordy told him.

"Are you going to be all right with this?" Wesley asked, turning to Angel.

"Yeah, sure," Angel said. "Be something to do." He flashed a small grin at Wesley. "Like a date."

A hint of color touched Wes's cheeks. He smiled back. "Indeed."



Angel smoothed down the sheets, then tossed the comforter over the bed. He tugged and pulled it into place, making sure it was even all around. It wasn't perfect - he was pretty sure the blanket wasn't the right size for his mattress, but it would do.

He turned away from the bed and fixed his shirt again, smoothing any wrinkles that might have gotten into it from changing the sheets.

He wondered if red was the right color. Black pants - not leather - were pretty much a given, but what about the shirt? What did red say to a modern person? Was it the right thing? Was it formal enough? Maybe it was too formal? It wasn't the kind you tucked in, that had to be casual, right?

Was this supposed to be casual?

Shit. Maybe he shouldn't have made the bed.

Was that too much? Was that sending a message? Maybe it was too soon for that. He should mess the bed up a little. He went over to his bureau and pulled out some undershirts, throwing them onto the blanket in a pile.

There. That was casual. Hey, come on over, no big deal, don't notice the new sheets on the bed I thought I'd be fucking you on.

Except -

Was casual the wrong message? Maybe this wasn't supposed to be casual. Second time together, sort of a date, that was a thing, right? Or it was supposed to be a thing?

Fuck, this should be formal.

He grabbed the undershirts and jammed them back into the drawer, shoving it closed. He jerked off his shirt and threw it into the bottom of the closet, taking out a black one and putting that on instead. Basic black - couldn't go wrong. Formal things were black tie, right? Black meant formal.

This was formal. This was important.

Maybe he should buy flowers?

"Angel?" he heard a soft knock on the other door.

"Um - just a sec," he said, glad for the fact that he didn't have a heartbeat - he was pretty sure it'd be pounding in his ears if he did. He closed the closet door, tugged at the comforter again, then went into the outer room.

Then he paused and closed the doors between the outer room and the bedroom.

Then he turned back and opened them again.

Two steps, then back, and he left one door open, the other closed.

He hoped one of them would be right.

He answered the outer door.

"Hey, Wes," he said.

Wes was there in a light blue button-down shirt and grey slacks. No tie, which Angel knew was his new mode of business dress. "Hello, Angel. I hope you don't mind I let myself in downstairs?"

"Nah, no, don't worry about it," Angel said. He stepped aside and gestured for Wes to enter. "Come on. Anytime. It's okay. You're always welcome here. You know - now. Always. Anytime. Do - um - you want anything?"

Wes's eyes scanned the room and Angel gave himself a mental pat on the back. Cleaning the suite before Wes got there was the right thing to do. He'd remember that for next time. "Er - yes? I am a bit thirsty."

"Then what do you want?" Angel said, heading for the kitchen. "You name it. Beer? Water? Wine? There's wine."

Wesley followed. "Water, for the moment? Beer or wine would depend on dinner, yes?"

"Yes," Angel said, glad he'd prepared for this topic of conversation. "Absolutely right. Beer or wine depends on dinner. What would you like? I can make you anything."

Wes blinked. "You can make beer or wine? Won't that take a while?"

"Dinner," Angel said. "I meant dinner. I could make you something. Or we could go out. Do you wanna go out?"

"Whatever's easiest," Wesley said.

Angel floundered. He had no idea what was easiest. So far none of this made sense to him. "Um - up to you? I - I don't have a lot of experience here, Wes. Last dates I've been on involved dusting vamps, beating up demons and then.... I should really stop talking now, shouldn't I?"

Wes gave him a small smile. "It's all right. Besides, it's not as though I've great amounts of experience in this area myself."

Belatedly Angel remembered that he hadn't gotten Wes his water. He pulled a bottle out of the fridge and handed it to him. "Yeah, but you've been on dates. You know this stuff."

"Yes," Wesley said, taking a sip of his drink. "But with women. This - this is an entirely new area for me. In many aspects."

"Okay," Angel said. He leaned against the kitchen counter. "Well neither of us is a woman - "

"Noticed that, did you?"

Angel ignored him. "And neither of us knows what we're supposed to do here so - guess that means we can do what we like, right? If it works for us then it works?"

Wes thought it over. "I can't fault your logic."

"Okay," Angel said again. "Good. So - figured that out. Do whatever we want. What do you want to do? We could eat. Go see a movie - movies are a date thing, right? I could take you to a movie. I could buy you popcorn. I can eat popcorn. Then we could hit a restaurant or something and then - "

"I'd like to kiss you."

"- then we could - um - " Angel's brain stalled as Wes's words penetrated through his nerves. "You want to - what? I mean - okay."

Wesley stayed still, and for a minute Angel wondered if the last part of the conversation had happened entirely in his head. But then Wes put his water bottle down, licked his lips and stepped forward.

Wes's mouth felt as good as he remembered.

It was warm, like only humans could be warm, and it was attached to Wes and Wes smelled great - unnecessary overuse of cologne aside - and tasted wonderful and his body... well his body was a great secret he kept hidden underneath all those clothes. There were muscles there, and a nice ass, and a -

Yeah, there was hardness.

"I wasn't sure I'd have the nerve to try that," Wes confessed. His hands rested on Angel's chest. "But - it's plagued my thoughts all day."

"Same here," Angel told him. He pulled Wes closer. He wanted to kiss him again. "I missed you. And - I didn't know if you'd let me."

Surprise registered in Wesley's eyes. "Let you? Why on earth not?"

"Let's see," Angel said. "You're an ex-Watcher, I'm a vampire. You used to work for me, I fired you like a jerk. You used to be my friend then - well - there was that jerk thing again. You - "

"Love you," Wesley said.

Angel's train of thought derailed. In fact, he was pretty sure the engine had just exploded. He wondered if any of the passengers had survived. "Hum?"

"I - I love you," Wes repeated. His hands were trembling. "I know that there have been difficulties between us, and I don't mean to suggest that this solves them but - our night together wasn't a fluke, Angel. I meant all that I said. I care for you. What we shared was not a one-night stand. At least - I hope that it wasn't."

"It wasn't," Angel said at once. "Wes - as long as you want me, I'm there. I wanna be there. I wanna be with you. Wanted that for a long time, actually."

"Here I am," Wes said, simply.

Angel took in the sight of the younger man. He'd shaved - not that Wes ever got much of a five o'clock shadow - and his blue eyes...

It was different. Wes looked at him differently now. It wasn't the fear or hero-worship that Wes had had in the early days, and it wasn't the pissed off wanna-kill-you hatred that he'd had when Angel had come back into his life.

It was... like. Understanding. Maybe...

Maybe even equals?

Angel kissed him again.

This time it wasn't quick. He didn't want it to be. He wanted to kiss Wes and keep on kissing him. Kiss him twice for every time he couldn't even kiss him once. He rattled off all the times he could think of in his head - the hospital when he'd been shot, the old apartment when he'd found out about Wes's dad, that run-down room when Wes had blown into LA for the first time -

"Wes," he whispered, and he could hear how husky his voice had become.

"Strangely," Wes replied, his hands tight in the fabric of Angel's shirt, "I'm not particularly hungry at the moment."

"Can I - "


"Love you," he murmured, not sure if that had been out loud either but not caring. He knew he'd be repeating it a lot.

They tumbled back into the bedroom. Wes fell back against the blanket and started to work at his own shirt.

"Wait," Angel told him, "Let me."

Wes paused, then moved his hands away. "All right."

Angel smiled at him, glad for the permission. He climbed onto the bed and started to undo Wes's buttons. There was a white T-shirt underneath. Angel pulled it out of Wes's pants, running his fingers along Wes's chest as he moved the fabric out of his way.

Beautiful, he wanted to say, but he decided not to in case Wes thought he was making fun of his masculinity. Instead he let his actions speak for him as he moved his lips down to trace every part his hand had touched, taking care not to hit the still healing wound on Wes's stomach.

"Angel," Wes sighed. His hands rested on Angel's shoulders, massaging them.

"Seem to remember," Angel said, teasing his lips around Wes's nipples, "last time you almost came about now."

He felt Wes flush in humiliation. "Yes - er - I - "

He sat up, caressing Wes's cheek to comfort him. "Hey - hang on, it's okay."

"If you're sure," Wes replied.

Angel traced Wes's mouth with his fingertip. "I am. 'Cause I know how to take care of that."

Wes never looked away from him, even as his lips moved to follow Angel's finger. "Take care of - of what?"

"That urge," Angel replied. He slid his fingertip just inside of Wes's mouth. Wes looked uncertain, but then started to lick at it. Angel felt his insides turn to lava. "So I can take you all night long."

Wes took in a sharp breath. "Angel - "

"Lie back?" Angel asked. "Please?"

Wes nodded, moving back so he could rest his head against the pillows. "Like - like this?"

"Perfect," Angel told him. He moved his hand down Wesley's chest, skirting the wound once more, then came back around again to work at the buckle to Wesley's belt. "Now all you gotta do is hold still."

"Why?" Wes asked. "What are you - oh."

Angel smiled, amused at Wes's sudden silence when Angel reached his hand into Wesley's pants and wrapped his fingers around Wesley's cock. "Yeah. Oh."

Wes's hips rocked into his touch. "That - that feels - "

"It's gonna feel even better," Angel promised him. He finished undoing Wes's fly, took a second to enjoy the view of Wes half-dressed and hard beneath him, then bent his head down, wrapping his lips around Wesley's cock. He worked his mouth up and down slowly, massaging with lips and tongue, then sucked as he pulled up and off.

He looked up to meet Wes's eyes. "Love you."

Wes was breathing heavily. "Need you."

"Got me," Angel replied, and he bent his head back down again.


The music was pounding. Angel couldn't identify it, let alone dance to it, but thankfully he didn't have to. Cordy had loved it, and dragged Wes and Gunn onto the dance floor to flank her and make her look like she was already the center of attention. It hadn't taken long for people to notice and join in. Angel, for his part, ordered beers from the bar and watched. It wasn't much, but it was a night out. If it made the other three happy, he was good with it. It wasn't like he had many preferences in that area anyway.

"Come here often?" a woman slurred in his ear. He glanced at her. Tall, brown hair, model-thin, definitely not his type.

"No," he told her. He pointed to a random guy in the crowd. "But he does."

He walked away once her attention was turned.

It was midnight. He'd worked enough cases in nightclubs to know that this was when things usually got started, party-wise. The crowd around him showed no signs of stopping. Instinctively he looked around for danger. Dusting a vamp or two would certainly be a highlight to his evening.

Not like anybody would notice the shower of dust in the flashing lights anyway. The club was huge but designed so that you couldn't really see much beyond what was right in front of you. He guessed that's what passed for hip. He also guessed that it helped hide any cheap defects in the walls and dance floor.

"Angel! Hey, Angel!" Gunn's voice came through the soup of noise. Angel doubted anyone who wasn't a vampire would have heard it. "Angel, where y'at?"

"Charles!" he called back, since shouting "Gunn" in a crowded building wasn't exactly productive. "Over here!"

He pulled into a pocket of inactivity by one of the walls. After a minute, Gunn materialized. "Hey, there you are. Damn. Place is a zoo."

"What's up?" Angel asked. Gunn frowned and pointed at his ear. Angel leaned closer and spoke louder. "What's up?"

"Cordy wants to blow," Gunn shouted back.

"She wants to what?"

"Leave," Gunn said. "Says her head's gonna explode."

"She okay?" Angel asked. He looked for her in the crowd.

Gunn shrugged. "Like I know? She says she's got the vision blues again."

"Did she get a new one?" Angel asked. "A vision?"

"No. Just - " he mimed Cordy being okay, then suddenly putting a hand to her head as though she was sick. "She's getting her coat. I'm taking her home."

"Need me and Wes?" Angel asked.

Gunn shook his head. "Nah. Looks like the usual to me. Got your cell phone on ya?"

Angel reached into his coat pocket and held it out. Gunn took it, pushed a few buttons, then handed it back.

"Give that to English," Gunn told him. "Dunno if his phone's on, but yours is now. We need ya, we'll call."

"Okay," Angel said. "Thanks for taking her."

"No problem," Gunn said. He slapped him on the arm and turned to go. "Have fun."

"Wait - " Angel stopped him. "Where's Wes?"

Gunn looked out over the crowd and pointed in a direction. "Last I saw."

"Thanks," Angel told him. "Drive safe."

"Always," Gunn said, vanishing back into the crowd.

Angel finished off his beer. Lacking anyplace else to put it, he left it on the floor by the wall. No point in standing here drinking if his boyfriend was out there alone.

He moved around the dancers. Going through them wouldn't do any good. It was easier to stay on the outside, looking for any shape or movement that suggested -


Good thing he had the vampire senses.

Wes was on the other side of the club, not in the center of the crowd but not exactly on the outskirts of it either. There was a petite Italian girl beside him, and it looked like he was in a conversation with some guy who was about his height but a little broader.

No, wait.

Angel frowned, giving them a closer look.

That wasn't a conversation.

"Just give it a chance," the guy was saying.

"Thank you, no," Wes said. "I'm not interested."

"C'mon," the guy said. "You don't even know me."

"Precisely," Wes shot back. "Now if you'll excuse me."

"Hang on - " the guy said, and he reached out to grab Wes's wrist.

Angel didn't let him make it.

"Hey!" the man protested.

"Problem?" Angel asked. His voice was calm. He felt the tiny fingerbones strain under the grip of his hand.

He gripped tighter.

"Fuck," the guy gasped.

"Angel," Wes said, putting a hand on his arm.

"He bugging you, Wes?" Angel asked. There. There it was. That threshold between broken bones and Jesus-fuck-this-hurts. He alternated the pressure.

"Yes, but he's drunk," Wesley said. "He's harmless."

"That so?" Angel said. He drew the guy closer, meeting his eyes. He twisted his grip so that the wrist was also strained. He thought about crushing all 28 bones at once. "Could make him harmless."

Wes laughed. "I suppose you could. But let him go, love. Wouldn't do to get arrested."

Angel met the guy's eyes again. He was whimpering. Angel leaned in to make sure he was heard. "I only get arrested if I get caught. Now be a good boy and stay the fuck away from my boyfriend."

He let the man go, put his arm around Wes and drew him through the crowd. Wes waved goodbye to the girl he'd been with, then followed along.

A white and red exit sign caught his eye. He pulled Wes over there. The metal firedoor opened easily at his touch and deposited them in a bare, industrial staircase. The cement stairs and walls provided some barrier against the sound.

"Quite a night," Wes said. He leaned against the wall. In the muted emergency light Angel could see that he was sweating. No big surprise, he was still wearing the brown leather bomber jacket that he'd worn over there. "Where are Gunn and Cordy?"

"Home," Angel said. "Cordy's head was acting up."

Wes looked concerned. "Is she all right?"

"Gunn says so," Angel told him. "Said we could stay here if we wanted. Oh - " Angel fished out his cellphone and handed it to Wes. "Said he'd call on that if he needed us."

Wes checked the phone, nodded in approval, and put it into his coat pocket. "All right. Now what?"

Angel looked at Wes. The noise from the club was still thundering around them and part of him wondered why he didn't have a headache, but Wes looked fine. "Who was that guy?"

Wes waved it off. "No one. Some fool. He wanted to dance. Wouldn't take no for an answer."

"Lucky thing I was there," Angel said. He gave Wes a grin to show he wasn't serious. He knew Wes could handle that kind of thing.

At the same time he was glad that Wes didn't have to. It wasn't right for Wes to do that. Anybody who hurt or bothered Wes deserved to have their ass kicked by the best.

Wes smiled back. "Oh yes. Whatever would I have done without you?"

Angel realized this was the first time Wes had been hit on by a guy at a club - at least the first time he knew of. "You okay?"

"Of course," Wes said. He touched Angel's chest. "My knight in shining - well, cotton at any rate - armor was there to protect me."

"Always," Angel said, more seriously than he intended. He stepped into the touch. "I take care of you. Nobody hurts you."

"My hero," Wesley said. His voice was softer. His fingers played over the buttons of Angel's shirt. "My Angel."

"Got that right," Angel replied. He drew Wes's fingers up to his mouth and kissed each one of them. He thought about what he might do if anybody broke Wes's bones. "Kill anyone who hurt you."

To his surprise, Wes gave him a coy smile. "Oh, would you?"

"Yeah," Angel said. He moved closer. They were inches apart. "Fucking destroy anyone who hurt you. I love you. You're mine. Nobody hurts what's mine."

Wes's hand moved up. He traced Angel's jawline. "Yours? I suppose so. After all, I am your faithful servant."

Angel felt himself respond. He hadn't heard Wes call himself that in a while. "Yeah?"

"Yes," Wes replied. He leaned in. Their mouths were almost touching. "You would protect me? Well I would do anything for you. I'd kill anyone who harmed you. Without a second thought."

"Would ya?" Angel asked. The scent of Wes was incredible. Sweat and beer and arousal all in one.

"I would," Wes said, meeting his eyes. "Without a second thought."

Angel kissed him.

There was beer there, but it was faint. Wes probably hadn't drunk any in a while. Angel took it as a challenge, then, seeking out the traces of the taste in Wes's mouth, pulling Wes into his arms and holding him tight. Wes held him back in turn, running his hands down his long, black leather jacket.

"Love you, Angel," Wes murmured.

"Love you too," Angel replied. He moved his hands down Wes's body, cupping his firm ass. "Wanna touch you."

Wes glanced at the door. "Angel - "

"We're alone," Angel told him. He pressed Wes back against the wall. "Trust me?"

Wes's cock was hard against his thigh. Wes gave another glance towards the doorway, then nodded. "All right."

Angel smiled at him. "That's my boy."

"I hope to be," Wes said.

"You are," Angel assured him, and he meant it. Wes was his. His Wesley. Nobody else's. Not the asshole outside, not the Council, not Wes's fucking family - his. "Mine. All mine."

"Yes," Wes whispered. "Yours."

Angel kissed him. Harder this time. He tangled a hand in Wes's hair and held him still as he plundered his wonderful, warm, mortal mouth. Wes - perfect Wes - grabbed his tongue and sucked on it.

"What do you want?" Wes asked, breathlessly. His eyes were dazed. "Tell me?"

"You, Wes," Angel answered. He nudged his leg between Wes's thighs, rocking his hip into Wes's erection. "Want me?"

Wes licked his lips. "God yes."

"Good," Angel told him. He stepped back, looking at his lover. Wes looked back, a hint of worry in his eyes.

"Did - did I say something wrong?" he asked.

Angel smiled at him. "Nah. Promise."

Wes didn't look convinced. "All right."

Angel stepped forward, took the collar of Wes's dark purple T-shirt in his hands, and tore it in half. "I was just thinking you're overdressed."

Wes gasped. "Angel!"

"Want me to stop?"

"No, I - " Wes faltered.

Angel covered Wes's mouth with his fingers. "Tell me to stop. I want you to say that."

Wes looked confused. "Angel, I don't want you to - "

"I want you to say it," Angel told him. He met Wes's eyes again. "Trust me."

Wes swallowed, then tried it. "Stop."

Angel gave Wes a slow grin. He moved his hands down to Wes's wrists and held them tight. "No. Say it again."

Wes still didn't look certain. "Angel - stop."

Angel drew Wes's hands up and over his head. He rocked his hip into Wes's cock again. Wes gasped, pressing back into him. "No. Say it again."

Even with the music thundering around him, Angel could still hear the pounding of Wes's heart. "Angel - please - stop."

"Good boy," Angel said. He held Wes's wrists in one hand and moved his free hand down to caress Wes's chest. "Keep saying that. See if I do."

Understanding dawned in Wes's eyes. He took in a breath as Angel ran his fingernails over Wes's nipples. "What if I said no?"

Angel took one of the nipples and pinched hard. "Try it."

Wes was breathing harder. It improved the view of his tight, red nipples immensely. "No. Angel, stop."

"Not gonna," Angel told him. He ran his lips over Wes's cheeks and jaw. "You're mine."

"Yours," Wes agreed. He tried to kiss Angel back. Angel didn't let him. "Love - let me - please?"

"What?" Angel asked. He pinched Wes's other nipple, making him whimper.

"Let me kiss you?" Wes asked. His hands shifted. "Let me touch you?"

"Maybe," Angel said. "If you please me."

Wes gave a pointed look downward. "I'd love to."

Angel laughed, loving Wes's boldness. "Would ya now?"

"Yes," Wes replied. "Please. Angel, may I - "

Wes swallowed, unable to finish. Angel ran his tongue over Wes's lips. "Say it."

"Suck your cock," Wes replied automatically, chasing after Angel's tongue. "Please?"

Angel let go of Wes's hands. "Okay."

Wes dropped to his knees. Angel braced his own hands against the wall, leaning so that the length of his coat fell forward, hiding Wes within the folds. He gave a groan of pleasure as Wes ran his fingers along the bulge of his erection. "Want you, Wesley."

Wes met his eyes again. "I'm yours."

"Fucking right," Angel told him.

Wes smiled at the unintentional pun, then undid the front of Angel's jeans. His hand was hot and sweaty - Angel realized that the staircase probably had no air conditioning. Wes didn't seem to care though. He pulled Angel's cock out and ran his tongue along the tip.

"Love you," he whispered, his breath teasing and tickling the shaft.

"Love you too," Angel replied. He moved forward, parting Wes's lips with his cock. "Go on."

"Yes," Wes said. He licked his lips then wrapped his mouth around him. He sucked, taking Angel as far inside as he could without deep throating. Angel thrusted. He could feel the back of Wes's throat. Wes gave a groan, then a hum. Angel dug his fingers into the cement.

"That's it," he said. "So good, Wes."

He wasn't unaware of the surroundings. Distracting as Wes was he still knew where they were. The music throbbed around them and Angel could sense the crush of mortals outside. It was very obviously not their home.

That didn't stop Wes - sexy, posh, British Wes - from sucking him off.

"Get me wet," Angel told him. "Nice and wet, Wes. Do it."

Wes looked up at him in confusion. Angel moved his cock back and forth in Wes's mouth to demonstrate - he wanted Wes to cover his cock with his saliva.

Wes, always a quick translator, got it. He began to run his tongue all around him, using his fingers to make sure there was an even coating.

"Good boy," Angel told him. It was maddening. He thought about coming then and there, covering Wes's lips with the probably warm by now semen, then licking the white fluid from Wes's mouth and repeating the process with Wes's own cock.

But he had other plans.

"Get up," he told him. Not really waiting for Wes to comply he grabbed him by the back of his coat and hauled him onto his feet. He spun him around and slammed him against the wall.

Wes made a sound of disappointment. "Angel - "

"Tell me to stop," Angel said. He bit Wes's ear, tugging at it with near bruising intensity.

Wes placed his hands against the wall. His hips moved backward. "Stop it. Angel, don't."

"I don't wanna," Angel told him. He moved one hand forward to caress Wes's bare chest, tracing the muscles there.

Wes was shaking. Proving he had more brains when horny than Angel himself ever had when he was sober, he shied away from the touch, acting as though he didn't like it. "Don't. Stop."

Angel chuckled. Leave it to Wes -

Don't stop.

Not a problem.

Angel broke the buckle of Wes's belt. Wes shied away from that too, which pressed his ass right up against Angel's dick. "Don't."

"Stop me," Angel told him. He moved to undo the button of his slacks.

Wes's hand shot down, grabbing at his. "No."

Angel laughed - Wes said it like he was correcting a dog. Which really wasn't half bad, all things considered. He used his free hand to grab Wes's wrist, slapping it against the wall again and holding it there. "Gonna fight me, boy?"

Wes's pulse was so fast Angel could see it in his veins. "If I must."

Angel unzipped Wes's pants. He moved his fingers inside, lightly running his nails down Wes's cock through the fabric of his boxers. "Do you want to?"

Wes tried to move away, which brought Angel's hand closer to his dick, then shook his head. He was flushed from exertion and emotion. "No. God, Angel - I don't."

"Love you," Angel told him.

"Adore you," Wes replied.

Taking care not to tear it this time - Wes actually needed his pants intact in order to get home - Angel yanked Wes's slacks and boxers down, exposing his ass. Unable to resist, Angel bent down to give the left cheek a hard bite.

Wes gasped, thrusting forward. "Angel!"

"Right here," Angel told him. He circled Wes's cock with his hand, jerking him off slowly. "Not going anywhere."

"Don't ever," Wes said. "Please."

"Won't," Angel promised. He got his hand wet with Wes's precome. "Love you."

"Love you too," Wes replied. He leaned back, resting his head against Angel's shoulder. "More than anything."

"Do anything for me?" Angel asked. He continued to coat his hand.

"Yes," Wesley said. "Anything. God - anything."

"Spread your legs."

Wes obeyed.

Angel took his slick hand and jerked himself off with it, using his own precome to help create a lube. Wes's body was already slick with sweat but Angel didn't want to tear him. He added another dose of his own spit, then slid himself inside.

Wes felt like a furnace around him.

"Please," Wes whimpered. His hands scrabbled at the wall as his body tensed with desire. "Please, Angel, please."

"Mine," Angel told him. He grabbed Wes's hands and held them still, putting his weight down on them. "All mine."

"Yes, God - yes."

Wes was practically crying he was so turned on. Angel thrusted, drinking in the pleasure that was coming off of Wes in waves. He buried his nose in Wes's neck, taking in deep breaths of his scent. "Want you."

"Yours," Wes replied. "Yours, Angel. All yours."

Angel slowed himself down, pulling back until he was almost entirely out, then thrusting in hard and deep. "Could leave you like this."

Wes moaned. "Yes. You could."

Angel loved that this was understood.

"Wouldn't torture you like that," Angel said. He kissed Wes's neck and shoulders.

"I assure you, love, this is torture," Wes replied. He thrust back, trying to get Angel to increase his rhythm. "Please."

"Can't ever say no to you," Angel told him. He held Wesley down tighter, then picked up speed. "Wanna come for me, Wes?"

"Please," Wesley gasped, tension making his muscles vibrate. "God, please."

"Okay," Angel said. He played for real now, dropping a hand to Wes's cock and hitting all his sweet spots. He wanted Wes to explode. He wanted to feel his hand be covered with that hot fluid. He wanted -

Fuck - the door.

Wes was oblivious as the metal door squeaked open. The music, though muted, was loud enough to cover it. But Angel's vampire ears picked it up.

No problem.

Angel morphed into game face.

The mortal - a twentysomething man - paled and froze in place.

Fuck off, Angel mouthed, not wanting to shout and distract Wesley. He made sure his fangs showed in case the guy wasn't that good of a lip reader. NOW.

The man bolted.

"Angel - " Wes whimpered. He was right on the edge.

"Right here," Angel told him. He was still in game face. The words, possessive and aroused, came with an instinctive and very obvious vampire growl.

Wes came.

Angel held him tight, wrapping his right arm around Wes's chest to bolster him. He dropped the bumps and fangs and turned Wes's head enough that he could kiss him. Wes clung to his arm, riding out the orgasm, then working his body to drive Angel over. Angel let himself go, ramming himself deep inside of Wes and feeling the pleasure so hard his left hand broke chips off of the wall.

They shuddered, then recovered.

"Home," Wesley gasped. He turned around to kiss Angel savagely, his eyes still bright with desire. "Angel, take me home."

"You got it," Angel told him. He buttoned the both of them up, then lead them down the stairs to the inevitable fire exit.

He was just getting started.


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