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DISCLAIMER: The following story is a non-profit, amateur effort not intended to infringe on the rights of George Lucas, Lucasfilm, Twentieth Century Fox, Industrial Light and Hocus-Pocus, Skywalker Sound, Guybrush Threepwood, Haggis MacMutton or anyone else affiliated with George Lucas and other assorted copyright holders. I make no claims to these copyrights, this story was merely the will of the Force.

The Jedi Academy Handbook
Chapter 34: Padawan Braids and Braiding
as transcribed by The Brat Queen

Spoilers: TPM I suppose.
Concept: Another answer to Deb's question about what the ever-changing Padawan braid means.
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THE JEDI ACADEMY HANDBOOK - "May the Force be with you"

MISSION STATEMENT: To be the number one multi-global provider of the Force and all Force needs.

Chapter 34: Padawan Braids and Braiding

As per instructions in Chapter 29: Padawan Uniforms and Clothing all Padawan Learners (hereinafter referred to as "Padawans" or "Jedi Educational Receivers") must wear on their heads at all times one (1) Padawan Braid™. The Padawan Braid™ is defined as "a style of hair consistent with the maneuvering of three (3) strands of hair in a repetitious manner (see diagram in Appendix C) and fastened at the end with string". The Padawan Braid™ is a required part of all Padawan uniforms. Failure to wear the Padawan Braid™ at all times will result in Council review with the potential for loss of vacation and/or sick days.

Construction of the Padawan Braid™ should be done at all times with 1. clean hair and 2. Council approved string. Creation of the Padawan Braid™ with rubber bands, elastics, ribbons, cord, bobby pins, barrettes, butterfly clips or other non-approved items will result in subsequent demerits as deemed fit by the Council and/or the Padawan's Master.

Initial construction of the Padawan Braid™ will be done under the supervision of the Padawan's Master who will at that time make use of Council String 33OAC (see ordering form in Appendix E) which is the approved string for new Padawan learners. Padawan learners may then move on to the use of Council Strings 33OAD-33OXXY as deemed fit by the subsequent successful completion of Jedi Evaluations Beta Minor through (but not including) Omega Maxim.

Those Padawans who have successfully completed all four (4) levels of Jedi Evaluation Beta Minor and who have fully completed both forms TT19 and QK88 (Appendix E) are able to then construct and complete their own Padawan Braids™ without the immediate supervision of their Masters although they will be required to obtain all braid-making materials from their Masters directly and not through the Secretary of the Temple Supply Closet.

All initial Padawan Braids™ are to be worn on the right side of the Padawan's head at exactly three and one-fourths inches (3 1/4) above the Padawan's right ear at a 30% angle.

All Padawans over the age of twenty (20) will be required to not only construct their own Padawan Braids™ but to adjust the size, level and positioning of said braids as to provide clear and immediate communication to both the Padawan's Masters and to other Jedi Masters and Knights. Failure to do so will result in Council censure and a potential severing of the Padawan/Master relationship.

The required Padawan Braid™ adjustments are as follows:

-- The placement of a hair wrap at the exact halfway point of the Padawan Braid™ to indicate completion of the first seven (7) years of training.

--The loosening of the bottom half of the Padawan Braid™ to indicate Master-approved times of leisure or study.

--The placement of a red string wrap (Council String 33OEF) to indicate any form of non-educational relationship between the Padawan and his or her Master. Non-educational relationships are defined as "any type or form of relationship wherein the Padawan and Master partake in similarly-scheduled leisure time which requires the requisitioning of only one (1) bedroom, sleeping bag or other living arrangement and which may or may not include the initiation and follow-through of sexual relations." Sexual relations are defined as "any activity involving one or more people which results in the stimulation of sexual organs for the purpose of pleasure and includes but is not limited to contact with and/or between the mouth, hands, feet. chest, back, genitalia, ears, wings, tails, undercoats and Padawan Braids™".

Other, non-required but Council Approved Padawan Braid™ adjustments include the awarding of new string (33OHK-33OLC) as Padawan Recognition Awards and the temporary (under two (2) hours) placement of the Padawan Braid™ on the left side of the Padawan's head as an indication of the Padawan's proposal for their immediate Master to take the position of "bottom" in their subsequent non-educational sexual relationship. "Bottom" is defined as "the taking on of any non-educational sexual role which includes but is not limited to the use of whips, handcuffs, spankings, blindfolds, leather, industrial music and the Padawan Braid™."

Any questions or concerns regarding the Padawan Braid™ and its uses or placement may be addressed by filling out form SRBA (see Appendix Q) and submitting it to Council Review no later than the fifteenth (15) of the month.

End Chapter 34.

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