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Sins of the Past Post 1
by the Brat Queen

Acts 1-3

*word*=italics, used for emphasis, thoughts or dreams.
_word_=emphasis in thoughts or dreams.
:word or sentence:=something spoken telepathically.


In the nearly three years that past after the ending of Memnoch the Devil it would appear that little has changed within the vampire coven. Marius went to live with Pandora and try to recreate their past love. Armand went with Daniel so that he might heal from his time with Lestat. And, perhaps most importantly, Lestat and Louis came together as lovers.

But appearances are not everything. Pandora has not healed from Akasha's death and Marius despairs of ever reaching her. Some days all he can think of is Armand and the time they were together. Armand who is now only just beginning to truly understand the pain of silence that exists between him and his beloved child Daniel.

Louis was horribly wounded during his time with Juliano and the memories of that threaten to take over his mind. To keep them at bay he has shut down the most vulnerable part of his heart and, in the process, shut Lestat out as well.

Lestat, too, is haunted. The knowledge that Louis nearly died hangs over him like a spector and casts a dark cloud on their love. He knows that Louis is shutting him out, but doesn't know what to do about it. He is terrified that if he pushes too hard, he will lose Louis forever.

So the two of them spend their days in what seems like a never-ending honeymoon. Only David saw the lie that they were living. He tried to make them see the truth, to make them face their fears and begin to heal but they would not listen. Unable to watch his friends destroy themselves he moved out of the Rue Royale flat in the hopes that this would shock them into reality. He found a home nearby and watched in sadness as their pain remains hidden inside of them, a bomb waiting to explode. Their honeymoon goes on.

The fuse is about to be lit.

Setting: New Orleans, an office building.
Time: Early evening, nearly three years after the ending of Memnoch The Devil.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Sebastian?"

Sebastian Melmoth leaned back in his chair and smiled. "Absolutely sure, Ryan. Why else would I be here if I was not?"

Ryan Mayfair looked at his client. "It's just that this is a lot of money, Sebastian, and I--"

"Money is no problem, Ryan, it never has been and it never will be."

"But Jean...." Ryan stopped. He flicked his eyes briefly towards the man standing behind Sebastian--the man who was *not* Jean and whom Sebastian had not seen fit to introduce, the connotations of which he did not want to ponder.

"Jean must not be told about this as I said."

"Sebastian, let me try to explain. I've represented both you *and* Jean for over a year now and it would not be ethical of me to take this amount of money, in fact any amout of money, from your joint account without permission from both of you no matter what you intend to do with it."

"I know this, Ryan. That is why you will take the money out of the separate, private account that I have given you the number for."

Ryan frowned. "Does Jean know that you have this account?"

Sebastian moved forward and looked Ryan straight in the eyes. "Ryan," he said, not breaking the gaze, "I understand your concerns but there is nothing to worry about here. You will use as much of my money as you need to purchase this house, hire people to fix it and decorate it to the specifications that I've given you. Jean will be told about this once it's finished. Now give me those papers so that I may sign them and give you authority over this project."

"I'm not even sure that the owners want to sell the house, Sebastian."

Sebastian grinned. "Offer them the amount of money I suggested and not only will they sell the house they'll throw in their firstborn as part of the bargan. Trust me, Ryan."

Ryan sighed. "All right. I know there's no changing your mind once you've set it on something. Just give me a moment to make a few inquiries."

"Of course." Sebastian nodded his head to Ryan as the lawyer left the room and then began to sign the papers in front of him.

"That took forever! Can't we go now?"

Sebastian turned in his chair to face the man who had stood behind him. "Daniel, remind me again why you're here?"

Daniel folded his arms in resignation. "Because I asked--"

"You *begged*."

Daniel rolled his eyes. "*Begged* you to let me borrow your Porche tonight and you wouldn't let me get my hands on it until you were done here."

"Exactly! So keep quiet!"

"Honestly, Lestat, I don't know why you're making me go through *this* though. Couldn't you just have walked or used the Harley?"

"Couldn't you have bought your own Porche?"

Daniel cleared his throat, somewhat embarrassed. "I'm somewhat in debt at the moment. I don't have the great wealth that you do remember! Not since Armand took control of my finances at any rate. Anyway, tonight is a rare occaision that Armand and I aren't fighting and I intend to ride that for all it's worth--"

Lestat snorted. "Pun intended I assume?"

Daniel ignored him. "--and Armand has been wanting to get his hands on a classic Porche for quite some time. Yours seemed the logical choice."

"You sure you don't want to rethink that logic, Daniel? After all, Armand and I have only recently gotten back on speaking terms. I don't imagine that his idea of a good night out includes *my* car."

"Positive," Daniel said. "You were far more upset about the whole thing than he was. Besides, I think a nice dose of guilt will serve my purposes well this evening. That is, if I ever *get* to this evening."

"Watch it, Daniel! After all, it's only recently that I've forgiven *you* for letting the movie rights of Louis' story slip into the hands of that moronic Hollywood producer!"

"Oh don't you dare start that up again! I happen to know that you and Louis saw that movie *ten* times without complaint so don't even think of laying some sort of guilt trip on me! Anyway, I might not have let those rights slip if I hadn't been so busy looking after Armand after a certain someone had a hissy fit!"

Lestat glared at Daniel, his eyes blazing, then burst into a fit of laughter. "I'd hate to be in Armand's shoes tonight! All right then, point well taken and the movie wasn't *that* bad I suppose, even Tom Cruise attempting to play *me* of all things. It's just that--well, his *hair*! I swear to you, Daniel, I may have done a lot of things in the 18th century but discover the crimping iron I did not! Ah well, my movie will be better I assure you."

Daniel raised his eyebrows. "You're intending to do a movie?"

Lestat shrugged. "Seems the natural thing to do. I'm not sure if I'll keep the original actors or get all of us to star in it. I'll have to ask Louis what he thinks."

"Is that what all this is for?" Daniel asked, motioning towards the papers Lestat just signed. "A bribe for Louis?"

"No, it's just a gift. I can do that you know, give something without expecting something in return."

"Would you mind teaching that to Armand? Anyway, what is all this?"

Lestat smiled, looking very proud of himself. "It's Louis' dream home. I've picked a house that he's had his eyes on for years now and I'm filling it with everything that he's ever wanted. Books, paintings, furniture, music--you name it. If he's ever indicated to me in the slightest way that something caught his fancy, it will be in this home. It'll have things in it for me too of course but the essential plan is him."

Daniel looked impressed. "And you're doing this for no reason at all? Just giving this to him out of the blue?"

"Well no, there is a reason."

"But I thought you just said there wasn't?"

"I said that I didn't want anything in return, not that there was no reason for me to give this to him."

"Why then?"

"Because, my friend, in a very short time it will be Louis and my anniversary. The date on which I first set eyes upon him in that tavern centuries ago."

"I can't believe it!"

Lestat looked confused. "No, really. I checked the date. I even looked in Louis' old diary to be sure. He made an entry about it: 'Tonight some *thing* attacked me...'"

"You're pulling my leg."

"Well, it's not poetry I'll admit but I'll take what I can get."

Daniel waved this off. "No, no, no. Not that. I mean I can't believe you--this! You mean to tell me that you, Lestat, the so-called Brat Prince who fills novels speaking about his dastardly deads and how he doesn't care about the world so long as he's happy, is actually a hopeless romantic?"

"Oh," Lestat said. "Is that what you would call this? Never mind, it's exactly what anyone would call it. I guess I am then. As far as Louis is concerned anyway. Don't you dare breathe a word of this to anyone though, do you hear me!"

Whatever Daniel's reply might have been was cut off by the reappearance of Ryan.

"The owners have indicated that they might be interested. I'll have to do some more checking though."

Lestat got up from his chair. "That's fine, Ryan. I trust you implicity. Keep me posted on the developments." With that he left, Daniel close behind.

Time: later that same evening.

Lestat paused outside the door to the Rue Royale flat and scanned to see who was inside. Ever since David had moved out the year before, Lestat had made a habit of doing this. Not that he expected some intruder to be lurking on the other side--what he found was always the same--but he liked being able to find it.

He closed his eyes and let his mind slip down into his subconscious as he read the information that his telepathic sense gave him. He moved quickly over the mundane things, the material things that made up the flat, until he found It. The sense of the one with whom he shared his home.

A slight smile appeared on Lestat's lips when he saw it, that blue form that was the essense of Louis, Louis who was home now and waiting in the parlor for Lestat to return.

This was a new thing and one that by all vampiric knowledge should not occur. For all the millenia that vampires had existed the silence that lived between Master and Child was a given. Cruel perhaps, but unchangable.

Until now.

Neither Lestat nor Louis understood how it had happened, how the bond was suddenly there--oh they had their theories, Louis in particular thought that the bond had always been there and that the infusion of Lestat's powerful blood into his viens had simply amplified it--but neither of them were going to question it either. For the time being, they were content that it was there and kept it to themselves as a secret that only they knew. The others could find out when they needed to know.

Filled with pleasure at Louis' presence, Lestat entered the flat and immediately went to Louis's side. He put his arm around Louis and kissed him.

"Miss me, beautiful one?"

"Lestat, I want this to stop."

Lestat pulled back, suddenly worried. "Louis, I know I'm still new to this 'commited relationship' thing but I swear to you I honestly don't remember our having a fight."

Louis looked at him. "What? Oh no, not you, not this," he lifted a hand and caressed Lestat's cheek. "*That*," he said, pointing to the answering machine.

"You no longer like the answering machine?"

Louis shot him a look that could maim. "Lestat, please be serious. Listen to this, we recieved another one." He pressed the button on the machine and the message on it began to play. The voice was distorted, but could still be made out:

"You thought you could escape me but you didn't...I found you then and I found you now...I've come for you...I've come for all of you....the sins you have made have come for you!!"

Louis looked to Lestat. "What do you think?"

Lestat leaned against a nearby table. "I think whoever it is should invent in a high quality telephone. The reception on that is awful."


"What do you want me to say, Louis? You can't expect me to be truly worried about this can you?"

"It's the fifth time this week, Lestat! What does that tell you?"

"That whoever is doing this has far too much time on their hands. Louis, who makes threats over the telephone? The last time that happened was before my concert and I'd wager that most of the ones who made those threats to me never showed up. If they had the courage to do so they would have threatened me to my face. And who would want to do that to me now?"

"Do you want this list alphabetically or in order of importance?"

Lestat smirked. "Sarcasm doesn't become you, Louis."

"So you will not take this seriously?"

"No! And I don't know why you are."

Louis looked down at the floor then back up at Lestat. "I don't know, Lestat, it's just--I don't know. It's a feeling. Call it instinct, a gut reaction, whatever but something about this truely bothers me."

Lestat put his hand on Louis' shoulder. "You're really worried about this aren't you?"

Louis nodded. "Yes."

"But why, Louis? You have my strong blood in you. Anything that I could do to this threat you can do as well. Why ask me to take care of it?"

"You know why," Louis said. "Besides, unlike me, you enjoy dealing with this sort of thing. Or do you suddenly need a reason to run around acting like James Bond?"

Lestat grinned. "All right then, beautiful one, tell me what I should do to make you feel better and I shall do it. I don't want anything making you unhappy."

Louis looked away, a slight blush appearing on his cheeks.

Lestat cupped Louis' chin in his hand and turned his head back so that Louis faced him again. "Louis?"


"Did you have anything in mind for me to do at all?"

"Well... no."


"I was hoping you would think of something!"

"Oh really? Like what?" Lestat gestured towards the answering machine. "What on earth did you expect me to do about that? It's just an answering machine, Louis, it's not like I can go out and find the person who did this!"

"I know!"

"I mean I would have if I could, Louis! And I was perfectly willing to do whatever you wanted me to about this but what do you expect me to do with nothing?"

"I don't know! And I know you don't know who is doing this! I just wanted something to be done! Why don't you think of it if you're so clever!"

"Sure! Fine!" Lestat threw his hands up into the air. "It's an answering machine, I'll just change our message! 'Hi, you've reached Lestat and Louis. We can't come to the phone right now but if you leave your name, number and threat on our lives at the sound of the tone I'll come around later to rip your heart out and show it to you before you die. Beep!'"

Louis was helpless with laughter. "Oh shut up! I hate you! I absolutely hate you!" He snatched a pillow off of the couch and threw it at Lestat. "Leave me alone!"

"No!" Lestat caught the pillow and tossed it aside. He then grabbed Louis by the wrist and held him tight. "Not until you apologize!"

"Never!" Louis shoved Lestat who tripped over the chair behind him and fell onto the floor pulling Louis along with him. Louis tried to escape but Lestat pinned him down before he could move. "Let me go you beast!"


"Don't hold your breath!" Louis managed to free himself and nearly hit Lestat but Lestat caught both of his hands and pinned them behind Louis' back.

"Now what do you say?"

"Get off me you oaf!"

Lestat twisted Louis' arms a little. "What was that?"

"Ah! That hurts! Let go!"

"After you apologize. It's easy! Just say 'I, Louis, do solemnly declare that you, Lestat, were absolutely right in this matter and I had no right to blow things out of proportion and make you feel guilty about it. I'm sorry'."

"I'm glad you felt guilty! You--ow!" Louis cried out as Lestat twisted his arms a little more. "Stop that!"

"I will if you apologize."

"Fine, fine," Louis sighed. "I, Louis, do solemnly declare that you, Lestat, are a complete and utter pain in my ass and you'll see pigs fly before you ever hear me say the words 'I'm sorry'."

"You're forgiven," Lestat grinned and let Louis go. "Now was that so hard?"

"Go to hell," Louis sat up and rubbed his arms. "That really hurt!"

"I'm sorry," Lestat said and rubbed Louis' arms as well. "But you can't tell me that it was worse than anything else we've ever done."

Louis smiled, remembering. "No. I certainly can't."

"Feeling better now?"

"Much, thank you," Louis kissed him. "I can always rely on you for that."

"Comforting to know that I'm good for something," Lestat propped his head up on his arm. "I hesitate to ask this, but were there any other messages besides you-know-what?"

"Not on the machine, but Ryan did call while you were out. He wanted to know if 'Sebastian' and 'Jean' were still planning on coming to the party that Mayfair and Mayfair is having tomorrow night. I told him yes, I assume that's fine with you."

Lestat shrugged. "If it's fine with you it's fine with me. I'm still shocked that you want to go to this. You normally hate that sort of thing."

"I know, but Ryan said that some of the people there will be experts in New Orleans history. I'd be interested in talking with them, seeing what they know. Plus I think it would be good for 'Sebastian' and 'Jean' to be seen at something like this. Stop people like Ryan from asking questions."

"No arguement there," Lestat said. "Anyway it actually sounds like fun. I'd be interested in seeing some of these other clients Ryan has. From what I understand it's quite a collection. Though I wonder why he didn't ask me about the party. After all, he and I just--"

Louis looked at Lestat when he stopped speaking. "You and he just what?"

Lestat thought quickly. "He and I just haven't talked in I don't know how long Louis. but enough of this, Louis. I believe you were in the process of offering me an apology?"

"I beg your pardon?"

Lestat silenced this with a kiss and ran his hands down Louis' back.

Louis sighed, letting his body relax into Lestat's. He slid one hand into Lestat's hair, holding him in that position, while the other hand began unbuttoning Lestat's shirt. He tugged at Lestat's hair, breaking the kiss, then began to slowly nibble down Lestat's jawline.

"You know," he said, his lips tickling Lestat's neck, "I believe you're right."

Time: early evening, the next day.

Rowan took a long drag on her cigarette and exhaled slowly. She studied herself in the mirror, trying to focus on the image in front of her, the real, the tangible and not...


She shook her head but could not stop it, stop the vision from happening again:

*Walking down the stairs and out into the garden her feet leading her towards the tree no matter what she did the ground exploding dirt flying and the decrepit form of a man appearing moving towards her arms outstretched reaching for her flesh dripping from the body :Rowan, how could you do this to me! How could you! You will get what is yours, Rowan! I demand my payment, Rowan!: running screaming but always :Rowan!: always--*


She jumped, nearly dropping her cigarette. But it was only Mona standing at her bedroom door.

"Rowan, most of the guests are downstairs and I think Ryan will have a fit if you don't join them soon."

Rowan stabbed out the remains of her cigarette. "I'll be down in a minute, Mona."

"Ok," Mona said. She turned to leave but stopped. "Are you alright?"

For a moment Rowan considered telling her. After all, Mona was a powerful witch, perhaps she knew something Rowan did not about these dreams that would not go away no matter what Rowan did. But then she decided against it. Mona had enough problems of her own to deal with ever since Morrigan had left with Ash so many months ago, she did not need Rowan to add to that.

"I'm fine," she replied. "Let's go."

The party downstairs was in full swing by the time they got there and it seemed to Rowan that every room was filled with guests. No small feat considering that outside raged one of the worst thunderstorms Rowan had ever seen in her life. In fact, this storm seemed unnaturally bad as it shook the house with each crash of thunder. But Rowan did not want to think of that.

She forced a smile onto her face and attempted to try to find Michael in the throng of people.

"Rowan! There you are! I have some clients I'd like you to meet." It was Ryan's voice, rising out of the crowd. Rowan was in no mood for meeting anyone but she knew if she didn't do this now she'd have to spend hours with Ryan later explaining why.

"What I won't do for Mayfair Medical," she muttered under her breath.

Ryan approached her, with what had to be two of his best-looking clients in tow. "Rowan, I'd like you to meet Sebastian Melmoth and Jean LeCoeur, two of our biggest clients. Jean, Sebastian, I'd like you to meet my cousin Rowan Mayfair."

The one Ryan had indicated as being named Jean extended his hand. "A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Mayfair. Ryan has told us much about your work in the medical community. I must say that I'm most impressed."

"Thank you," she said, shaking his hand. "And call me Rowan please."

"Rowan, then," he replied, and smiled.

"Ahem?" Mona cleared her throat and stared pointedly at Ryan.

Ryan sighed then said. "And this is my niece Mona."

Mona gave Ryan a deceptively sweet smile then turned her attention to their guests. "Mona Mayfair, CEO of Mona One that is."

"Oh really?" said Sebastian. "And what, exactly, is 'Mona One'?"

"Only the best investment company you're ever likely to find," Mona said. "You'd be wise to send your money my way."

"Mona, really!" Ryan said. "I'm sure our guests don't want to discuss this with you."

"And why not?" asked Mona. "Isn't the purpose of this party to network? I'd think you'd be proud of me, Uncle Ryan."

"I don't think--"

"No, it's all right, Ryan," Sebastian interrupted. "I'd actually like to listen to what Mona has to say."

"Thank you," Mona said. "It's good to know that some people haven't lost their sense of manners. Now where were we?"

Julie Stratford stood on the porch of the Mayfair House and tried to find some way of calming her nerves.

"We don't have to go in, Julie. We could go home right now if you liked." These words were spoken by the man who stood beside her, the man she loved.

"No, no. We'll go in. I don't mind," she said. "It would be silly not to simply on the basis of some letters."

She held the latest of these letters in her hand. It had appeared in their hotel room earlier that day and read exactly like the others, even down to the last sentence: "The past has come for you!"

"Security at the hotel is doing everything they can to find who left the letter."

"I know," she said, returning the letter to her purse. "Forget this. I'm being foolish. Let's go in and enjoy ourselves. Or get out of this rain at the very least!"

He smiled at this and took her hand. Finding the front door unlocked they entered into the party which rivaled the storm in its noise. They searched the crowd and found Ryan Mayfair, one of their many lawyers and the reason why they were at the party in the first place, standing by the staircase with some people whom they assumed to be his clients. They went to join them.

"It's good to see you again, Ryan," Julie said.

"Ah, Julie, Ramsey, how good of you to come," he replied. "I was worried that the storm had kept you away."

"It isn't that bad," said Ramsey. "At least, not when we left the hotel."

"Good, good," Ryan said. "But where are my manners? Allow me to introduce Sebastian Melmoth, Jean LeCoeur, Rowan Mayfair and Mona Mayfair who are my clients, cousin and niece respectively. Everyone, this is Julie Stratford and Dr. Ramsey two of my clients from Europe."

"A pleasure," said Jean. "Dr. Ramsey? Have we another medical doctor in our presence?"

Ramsey shook his head. "No such luck, my doctorate is in archeology I'm afraid."

Jean seemed interested. "Really? Might I ask what you specialize in?"

"Ancient Egypt and both Julie and I study it." Ramsey said.

Sebastian studied him. "Ramsey... that name sounds familiar to me. Have we met before?"

Ramsey thought for a bit. "I don't believe so. I can't say that your name is familiar to me."

"Interesting..." Sebastian replied, still studying him.

"Forgive me," Jean said, "but I have something of a fascination with Ancient Egyptian culture. Would you mind telling me of your studies or would that be too much of an imposition?"

"Not at all," Julie replied. "But I warn you, you might hear more from us than you ever wanted."

"I assure you that that won't be a problem," Jean said, smiling warmly. And with that the three of them went off to another room.

A short while later Lestat found Louis standing by himself, watching the storm outside. Lestat went over to join him.

"What's wrong, Louis? Didn't you enjoy Dr. Ramsey and his lovely companion?"

Louis shrugged. "No, they were fine. It's just that I can't seem to get comfortable. Something's wrong, Lestat, and I can't figure out what it is."

"It's not that phone message again, is it, Louis?"

"Yes--no. I don't know. Something just doesn't seem right."

"Like what?"

Louis thought. "I don't know. It's all little things but still, I wonder. The people here for example, the Mayfairs. Didn't you notice something odd about them?"

Lestat grinned. "You mean besides the fact that their family tree has less branches in it than your brother-in-law's? I swear it's like being in Hamlet, 'my uncle-father and my aunt-mother.' It's amazing that they're not all walking around with two heads."

Louis chuckled. "Well, yes, there is that. But that's not what I meant. Did you notice how strongly shielded some of them are? Especially Rowan and Mona. I'd wager not even you could read their minds."

"True," said Lestat. "But not unexplainable. From what I've picked up from Ryan's mind this family has had more than its share of tragedy. Many mortals learn to shield themselves unconsciously when they've been hurt. I was undoubtedly like this as a mortal."

"I suppose," Louis said. "What about Ramsey and Julie though? They don't feel like regular mortals to me. To be honest, when I first saw them I thought they were vampires. They aren't, of course. But still, something's there."

"I know," Lestat said. "I noticed it too. And I'm certain I've heard his name before. I just can't remember where."

"Might you have read one of his books? Ramsey's written a few from what I understand."

"That's it!" Lestat said. "He's not Dr. Ramsey he's Ramse--"

A loud crash filled the house, drowning out any other sound. The lights flared brightly, then stopped, plunging everyone into total blackness. Wind lashed at the windows as though trying to find a way inside until the windows in the living room shattered, spraying everyone with glass.

"Keep calm!" Rowan shouted. "It's just the storm! Everything will be all right in a minute!"

But the wind would not listen. Instead it ripped through the room, destroying everything it touched. People were shoved against each other by the pressure of the wind alone. Then, just as it seemed that it might have calmed down, someone yelled out:


The crowd needed no further impetus. Everyone ran for the nearest way out, letting nothing stand in their way until a voice spoke as if through the wind and froze seven of them in their tracks.



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