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Sins of the Past Post 11
by the Brat Queen

Acts 23-24

*word*=italics, used for emphasis, thoughts or dreams.
_word_=emphasis in thoughts or dreams.
:word or sentence:=something spoken telepathically.

Time: immediately after the end of Act 22.

"NO!" Louis screamed it now, struggling even harder in Lasher's grip, then stopping suddenly as though his last spark of energy had left him. "No," he said again, softer, mouthing the word more than speaking it. "No."

Nicolas stood in a stunned silence. Lestat was dead. For centuries he had dreamed of this. He laughed to himself. Lestat had always wanted to be the man of his dreams.

"Don't just stand there like a fool, scatter the ashes!" he yelled. Aiken jumped, gave him a quick look, then followed the command. Nicolas watched in delight as Aiken kicked at the small pile of dust that was all that remained of the vampire Lestat.

"Dust to dust," Nicolas whispered. He laughed again, out loud. He turned to Louis. "You like the Church, don't you, Louis? Shall we have a funeral?"

"Will you kill me too?" Louis asked, his voice hoarse.

Nicolas stared at him. That had almost sounded like a request. Why wasn't Louis happy? Shocked he could understand but Louis almost seemed depressed. That was not right.

"Louis, it's all part of the new rule. This calls for tears of joy, not sorrow!"

"If you have killed Lestat then you can kill me too!" Louis' green eyes were hollow and cold as they regarded Nicolas from under his dark lashes. "If Lestat is dead, then I die with him."

"*If*? *If*?" Nicolas was incredulous. "The ashes are there for you to see, Louis! They dance in the sunlight just as he once did. Lestat de Lioncourt is no more!"

"And you think that we shall allow you to do this act unharmed?" Marius stepped to the very edge of the wall of ever brightening sunlight. "The sun is rising, Nicolas. You will have to sleep, just like the rest of us and as soon as you shut your eyes Ramses, Ash and Rowan will be upon you."

Nicolas ignored this. "Louis, you and I have to talk. Lasher, find Trevor and bring him here. Have him take care of our vampire guests. Do something to take care of the others as well."

"What would you have me do?" Lasher asked.

"Bleeding worked for the female immortal, I'd imagine it would work for them as well."

"What have you done with Julie?" Ramses demanded. He took a step towards the alter but Cleopatra held him back with another burning lantern.

"You'll find out as soon as it happens to you," Nicolas said.

"Why are you doing this, Nicolas?" Armand staggered in weakness from the rising sun. "Why keep us here if Lestat was the one you wanted?"

"Because Lestat wasn't the one I wanted," Nicolas said. "He was no more than a trivial annoyance to me. The one I want is the Taltos. The female one. Morrigan."

"Never!" Ash cried. "I'll kill you before you get your hands on her."

"What use is a Taltos to you?" Rowan asked.

"A female Taltos? Coupled with Aiken?" Nicolas grinned. "Come now, one need not be a neurosurgeon to figure this out. I want to create the new rule!"

"Nothing but an Akasha groupie," Armand sneered.

"Au contraire," Nicolas said. "Akasha sought to kill everyone in the world and have all of you for her disciples. I am under no such delusion. I want to control the world, and I know that all of you would stand in my way. If I kill you, then create legions of strong Taltos followers, who is there to stop me?"

"You need to get your hands on Morrigan first," Rowan said. "The others will never let you. They'd never give her up for you."

"They would if they thought all of your lives were on the line. I don't think they could get rid of her quick enough if they thought it would get you back."

"So you could kill us later?" Marius asked. "They would not be so stupid. Once they know--"

"Ah, but they won't know, now will they?" Nicolas asked. "After all, who will tell them, you? I don't think so. All they will know is what one of my mortal followers will tell them: bring Morrigan to me or you will all be killed."

Nicolas felt a weariness come over him. The light of the sun was getting brighter by the minute. "Enough of this! I must rest. Lasher, take care of our guests. Louis, come with me."

"Nicolas," Cleopatra said. "If we leave the Temple open, the sun will heal Ramses."

"Close it then," Nicolas said. "Marius and Armand can live for another day. And I think we can rest assured that our dear Ramses would not sacrifice his new friends so that he might live. Of course, if Morrigan is not here by tonight, that decision will no longer be his so we shall see what he thinks is more important. Come, Louis."

Nicolas left for his chambers, taking the unresisting Louis with him.

"When the sun sets, mon ami," Nicolas hissed in his ear. "We will talk."

Time: nearly sunset.

"That is out of the question!" Michael's face was dark red. "There is no way that I will allow--"

"But if they will die I don't see how I can stay," Morrigan said.

"We will figure out another way," Elliott said. "It is folly for us to even think of taking the chance of letting them have you."

"If they want me, I don't see how it will matter if I go willingly or not. This way, at least I spare our friends," tears formed in Morrigan's eyes. "At least, those who are left."

Those around the table grew silent. Finally Elliott spoke. "Do you think what that mortal said was true? Is Lestat really dead?"

"I can't believe it," Mona said. "I won't."

"Whether Lestat is dead or not," Michael said, "it is still clear that they are capable of great harm. Morrigan cannot be allowed anywhere near them. Or Mona for that matter."

"But what will we do?" Mona asked. "The others clearly need help but we cannot leave Morrigan alone to go help them. And even with Daniel and David, we're a woefully small group."

"There are other vampires," Elliott said. "When Daniel and David wake up they can contact them and then we will have help."

"What if the others are on the opposite side of the world?" Morrigan asked. "They could be asleep until the sun rises here and then it will be too late."

"We will have to take that chance," Michael said.

"I can't accept that," Morrigan said.

Michael put his arm around her. "I know it's hard for you, honey. It's hard for all of us. We're all worried about them. But right now this is all we can do. You understand?"

Morrigan grew quiet for a moment, then nodded her head. "Alright, Father, if I must."

"There's a good girl," Michael said. He kissed her on the cheek then let her go.

"It's rather stuffy in here, does anyone mind if I go out in the garden for a moment?" Morrigan asked. "There are guards out there, I should be safe."

"That's fine," Michael said. "But stay close to the house."

"Of course," Morrigan said. She got up from her chair and left through the back door.

The guards nodded their heads as she passed. They'd doubled the security ever since the others had left. There wasn't a corner she could go to without seeing one of the uniformed figures. She walked over to the old oak tree. Though it was split in two, she could still find some shelter there from the prying eyes of the guards. She stood there, watching as the light faded with the setting sun.

A shadow stepped out of the trees. "Do you truly want to stay here?"

Morrigan shook her head. "I can't stay here. But they won't let me go."

"Well then, I guess we won't ask for their permission this time now will we?"

Morrigan laughed, partly out of nervousness. "I guess not. We should go now, while the guards aren't looking."


Morrigan stepped forward, then pulled back. "This won't hurt me, will it? I've never traveled in this way before, is it safe?"

"Perfectly. All you have to do is hold on tight and let me do all the work. We'll be in Rio before you know it."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Positive. You just have to trust me."

"Alright," she said. She checked one last time for the guards, then put her arms around the one before her. "I trust you, David. After all, why shouldn't I?"

"Why indeed?" David asked, smiling at her gently. He put his arms around her waist and the two of them disappeared into the darkening night sky.

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