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All locations worthy of note are numbered in red. Explanations of the locations are found below the map.

  1. The Flat at Rue Royale
  2. St. Louis Cathedral
  3. Cafe du Monde
  4. The Pontalba buildings which line Jackson Square. Lestat had an apartment in one of these in TotBT
  5. The Ursuline Convent. This is where Claudia was taken when Louis first drank from her
  6. The Omni Royal hotel, formerly the St. Louis Hotel. This is where Louis and Lestat took rooms after Louis' plantation burned down. This was also the location of the New Orleans Slave Exchange
  7. The Bourbon Orleans hotel, formerly The Grand Ballroom. When Louis, Lestat or Julien Mayfair would go to a ball it was most likely held here. When Julien took his sister to the Quadroon Balls this is where he took her.
  8. The French Market. A seedy side of town before it became the market place, this is where Julien Mayfair would go to get into trouble and most likely where Louis went to go drinking when Lestat saw him for the first time.

St Louis #1, the cemetery, is located just outside of this map. If the map could show it, it would be just past the upper left hand corner on the other side of Rampart Street.

It is also worth noting that Bourbon and Royal run parallel of one another.

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