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All locations are numbered in red. A door is indicated anytime you see | |. Explanations of the layout are listed below the drawing.

  1. Front door
  2. Front hall (NOTE: this is not to scale and the front hall is the best example of how off the drawing is. The front hall of the flat is really only wide enough to accomodate perhaps two people standing side by side at best. It's about as wide as the staircase and is long and narrow.)
  3. Double parlour
  4. Columns which separate the parlour (only a couple on either side of the room, the center of the room is wide open)
  5. Carriageway. Note that there is no place for horses. Horses would have been kept in a public stable, most likely located near Esplanade
  6. Exterior walkway which leads to the garden
  7. Interior hallway which has a door to the outside. This is where the mural that Lestat got for Claudia is located
  8. Stairs to the second floor
  9. Dining room
  10. Butler's pantry (used for storage of plates and silverware)
  11. Food pantry
  12. Servants' staircase
  13. Kitchen
  14. Walkway around the garden
  15. Plants
  16. Fountain
  17. Doghouse

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