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There's a certain fundamental truth about the Internet that I think some people are missing. Namely that one's personal home page is made, essentially, for oneself.

To be fair I agree that major flaws (broken links, text that goes off the screen and can't be read, etc.) should be pointed out to the web page designer if, in some way, they are interested in people other than themselves going to look at the page. However once you get into the concept of overall look and feel back off.

Currently I'm up to my ears in web page critiques. Not really for this site (TBQ's ego swells appropriately here) but for a commercial site I'm putting together with some friends for a web design company (coming soon to an internet location nearest you!). We did our research, came up with some proposals and put together a site which I know is one of the best out there. We then asked for feedback from some business associates and got back tons of information about personal style. ("I like frames" "I hate frames" "Make links open in a new browser window" "I hate it when links open in a new browser window" - you get the idea) and squat on technique.

Now, being a commercial venture, all of this is worthwhile, if annoying, feedback because this does tell us what the average schmo is thinking when they look at a page. (Namely that they know bugger all about design and just like things that look pretty - this should come as a surprise to no one). So we're going to take the advice that looks worthwhile and redesign accordingly. That's part of what you need to do if you want to go on to do web design. After all, if your own site can't sizzle how is a client going to trust you?

But the fallout of that is going to definately be felt here, on my personal site.

After having worked with the MiningCo for going on two years now I've already gotten used to the "grit your teeth, smile and nod" method of design. Which basically means I wholeheartedly agree with the suggestion Web Pages That Suck made that there should be a "BOT" tag that you can include in web pages you're paid to do (concept being that "BOT" stands for "Boss Ordered This" - you put that tag around any code or content that you know is inherently stupid but you were forced to do anyway. That way your fellow designers wouldn't hold the mistake against you and you'd get pity pats accordingly). But this also means that unless you're willing to write me a check, don't expect me to make changes for you.

No offense.

Truly not. I do hope that a lot of people are able to read my site (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this). And I did try to account for some of the major problems people can encounter (no frames, graphics taking too long to load, etc.). However in terms of the design - by which I mean layout, color scheme and graphics used - sorry but I get last call on that one.

And, like I said, it's not like anyone's really complained. I had one suggestion from a friend with regards to one potential change but that was really about it. So this particular rant isn't really about me telling people to shut up. Rather, it's an asking for understanding if you find that some things here don't look entirely the way that you, personally, would want. Normally I'd love to be accomodating but right now I need the web version of a "safe space" - somewhere where I can do what I want and not have to answer to anybody.

So please do understand if I don't leap to change anything that isn't completely broken for you. In this instance my client was myself and I aimed to please her. As long as she's happy I'm content and I get to sleep well at night. I'll likewise extend the same courtesy to you for your own personal pages.

Unless you include looping MIDI files in the background. God I hate that.

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