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Look, I'm all for GLAAD as a concept. I'm thrilled that there's an organization out there fighting for gay rights. God knows it's needed.

But I've got a big problem with the GLAAD deciding that it's going to do my thinking for me, and with GLAAD deciding that it's going to clean up the country for its own damn good. Guess what guys? You can't.

See here's the thing. Contrary to popular belief, Eminem is not the spawn of Satan. Neither is his Marshall Mathers LP. Why? Because it's just words. And as long as Eminem lives in this country he's allowed to say whatever words he wants to. That's the fun of living in the Good Old U.S. of A.

Now I'll admit it took me a while to figure Eminem out. He talks about hating fags and killing his wife, then his wife files for divorce - what are we to think? Obviously the words on the album meant something, right? Right?

Well here's the catch: the words on his album (which I do own by the way) are still just words. And living in this country means that we all agree to play by the rules which state that each one of us is allowed to say whatever words we want to.

Of course that also means that we agree that once the words become action the law is allowed to step in as necessary.

So Eminem can sing about killing his wife, hating fags, raping Britney Spears or whatever he wants for as long as he wants. He just can't actually do those things. If he does, he'll go to jail. Just that simple.

GLAAD, however, doesn't seem to think so. They seem to think that he shouldn't be allowed to speak. They seem to love running to any TV show that'll give them the chance to clutch their pearls, look heavenward and let them bemoan "But what about the children?!" I've even seen some TV shows (MTV I'm looking in your direction) that have been so run over by GLAAD that they can't even mention Eminem in a sentence without showing some GLAAD representative bitching about the fact that Eminem is evil and how dare he sell millions of albums that have fag bashing lyrics in them?

Guess what? It's a free country. And moreover don't kill the messenger.

I'm sick and tired of GLAAD bashing Eminem for his record sales as though it's his fault that so many people bought the damn album. Or as though it was the fag-bashing on said album which made people shell out their cash for it (wasn't the reason why I bought it, I bought it because I thought it was put together incredibly well). I don't know about you but I can't imagine Eminem sold that many records thanks to the unforseen "Thank God there's a queer-hater out there!" market.

I'm also sick of the fact that GLAAD didn't even bother to listen to the album for content. The entire point of the Marshall Mathers LP is that it's just words and music, that none of us can figure out what's going on in Eminem's head based on it and that even if somebody was inspired to do something stupid because of Eminem's lyrics ("Stan") that it's nothing Eminem could control because people who would actually hurt and/or kill someone else have a screw loose to begin with.

Let me say this: I kid you not when I say I've met people who have watched Schindler's List and still say the Holocaust is a big lie and that the Jews deserved their punishment anyway. Trust me, the art is not the problem. The people are.

What bugs me especially about GLAAD (and hence the title for this rant) is the fact that they are more than happy to bitch to high Heaven about homophobia in the media but the second somebody says something against a program with gays on it - screw them! Gays are wonderful! How dare they have a contrary opinion!

Look, the First Amendment isn't just for the people you agree with, assholes. Frankly, GLAAD, the point called. It's sorry it missed you.

I could see the case with Dr. Laura. Sort of. The only reason I could sort of allow that is because she's passing herself off with false credentials anyway and when a "Dr" tells the world that gays are an abomination some people might think it's a medical fact. We've got no proof of that one way or another so I can see why you'd want to make her stop saying all of that.

But when it comes to guys like Eminem or anybody else who just wants to state the personal opinion that they don't like homosexuality, or blacks, or Jews, or handicapped people, or fat people, or women, or men, or whatever - guess what? They can. They can say it all they want. They can say it until the cows come home. They can shout it from the rooftops, or sing it from Grammy-nominated albums.

Why? Because we're allowed to say the opposite, and to put shows on TV like Will&Grace or Queer as Folk. Remember, GLAAD, those shows are just as offensive to some people as Eminem is to you.

So stop bitching about Eminem, stop trying to get him off the air, stop trying to convince the world that your way is the only way. None of us are God. Nobody truly knows who's right and who's wrong. I'm reminded of the old joke "What if Hitler is in Heaven right now because God's still pissed off that Jews killed His son?"

Tasteless? Hell yeah. But it still goes to prove my point: nobody knows. We all have opinions. And if GLAAD wants to be able to get on TV with their opinions and to have TV shows and movies that portray gays in a good light then they need to make room on the dial and the shelf for people who hold the opposite opinion.

Frankly, doesn't GLAAD have something better to do? I can't imagine that there's some gay kid out there being beaten to a crap after school who's sitting there thanking God that GLAAD has devoted all its resources to this pesky Eminem problem.

Punish the actual actions, GLAAD, not the thoughts. Nobody wants to live in an Orwellian state, even if you guys are the ones in charge. Let Eminem have his say, and therefore you guys can have yours.

It's just that easy.

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