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As most of you know by now I'm Roman Catholic, more or less. "More" in the sense that my morality and mental image of the whole Heaven/Hell/God concept is Catholic, "less" in that I don't tend to participate in most RC rituals and sacraments because they don't do a thing for me.

I want to point out my RC leanings, though, because I want you all to understand that I do think the RC Church has some good going for it. It's just that sometimes people fuck it up.

Case in point - I'm reading my newspaper today and I come across a story from the Boston Herald about the Richardson family. Making a long story short the Richardsons have a daughter who has celiac disease. This disease prevents their daughter from eating anything with gluten in it. Rather she could eat it but then she'd become very ill.

It's a common enough disease as Celiac.com will be happy to tell you. So it's not as though their daughter is suffering from something that only one in a billion people go through. In fact the disease is common enough that the Catholic Church has had to discuss what to do about it.

Why? Because of Communion. During Mass Catholics partake of the sacrament of Communion which is, for those of you not in the know, a wafer or piece of bread. In other words it's something that's got gluten in it.

The Richardsons' daughter can't have gluten. So Mrs. Richardson, as part of preparing for her daughter's first Communion, contacted her priest and asked what she could do to arrange/provide a gluten-free substitute.

She got told no. No substitutions, no nothing. The Richardsons' daughter could take wine for Communion instead of the wafer, but that was it.

Now at this point I could get into the debate of how much one little wafer could hurt a growing girl, or wonder why the priest would say that when it seems as though the Church has in fact made some allowances for those who suffer from Celiac disease or any number of things. It's all valid.

But frankly I don't think that's the real point. To me the real point is: Who gives a fuck?

Who honestly gives enough of a damn about gluten-filled wafers that this is even a debate, that the Church had to have meetings and memos to discuss it and that they're throwing a shit fit about it now?

Jesus Christ, don't we have better things to do?

And yes I mean that question literally.

It's just amazing to me that this is even an issue. It just blows my mind that people would be so caught up in the micromanagement of religion that the Pope has to take time out of his day to wonder "Gluten or no gluten?"

Do we honestly think that Christ cares? Frankly to me this seems like one of his signature moments. I've got to imagine if this sort of debate was happening while he was still on earth he'd listen for about five seconds, roll his eyes so hard he'd give himself a headache, turn to the dipshits debating it and say "You've got to be joking! I'm sitting here trying to bring about Peace and Love and you're fucking over receipes?! Hi, the point called, it's real sorry it missed you."

This should have been such a non-issue that we never even heard about it. The first person who brought it up to the Church should have been greeted with a hearty dose of laughter, a slap on the back and a reply of "That was a good one. No, seriously, we don't give a shit. But thanks for asking."

See, this is why I'm "RC more or less". I loved Christ's message. Christ himself was a pretty cool guy who basically believed in doing the best you can, treating other people properly and not getting caught up in dogma and religious red tape.

It's like something I was talking about the other day with my friend Maximum Woman. There's absolutely nothing wrong with those little "What Would Jesus Do?" buttons except for the fact that people rarely do what Jesus would. He wouldn't shove his beliefs in your face, he wouldn't look down his nose at you if you made a mistake, he wouldn't condemn somebody because of their race or status or sexuality, he wouldn't confuse "tradition" with true spirituality and he would NOT sit here and give a rat's ass about what the wafers were made out of - Hell he'd probably debate the necessity for the wafers in the first place ("If it makes you feel good OK but only if you wanna." is my guess on his actual opinion)

I mean for God's sake (again literally) let's try reading the Bible for content a few times and not just skimming the important sounding words. Anybody who thinks that Christ would find value in these things is just so not paying attention. He spent half his time telling people not to care about that - and in fact got pissed at the people who said otherwise.

So let's just remember the Golden Rule and at the same time get out the Golden Stepladder, use it to get over ourselves, and then move on. The only value God sees in bullshit like this is the fact that it's got to be giving Him a really good laugh.

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