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Learn Something

Fanfic writing is a difficult task, particularly if you're involved in fandoms that deal with things you're not familiar with. Here, then, is some information to help out anyone who would like to learn more about New Orleans, about different kinds of sexuality and about other aspects of fanfic writing.

Warning! Some of these topics are for ADULTS ONLY. If you are not of legal age to read such things turn back now.

General Information:

Learn By Example - A Study of a Mary Sue
What is a Mary Sue? Why does a Mary Sue character ruin a story? How can you fix a Mary Sue once you've got one? Find out the answers to all these questions and more as I take a professionally written Mary Sue story and show the good and the bad therein. (Warning - Long! 160K)

Harry Potter Spells
A list of spells used in books 1-4

How to Write Humor
A discussion about what makes humor work, as well as what makes it fall flat.

Facts about New Orleans for Spec Writers
A full list of everything you need to know about New Orleans to make sure you're getting your atmosphere and locations correct. Includes maps of the Garden District,French Quarter, the City of New Orleans and floor plans of the First Floor and Second Floor of the flat at Rue Royale.

Sex, Sexuality, Trauma and Other Adult Topics

What is the Difference Between BDSM and Rape?
Asked on the family mailing list once, this question struck me as important enough that it should be archived. This is not my original response to the mailing list, but rather a rewrite which should hopefully be more coherent. This also covers the question of BDSM vs. abuse.

How can I write about these sensitive topics respectfully?
A small primer designed for those who want to write about BDSM and/or abuse but who don't know enough about what those things are in real life to put pen to paper. In other words, this is how you can do hurt/comfort without insulting anybody.

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